Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 46

So today, was suppose to be 8 miles with 6*100 meter strides. However, I switched for 8miles including the Preston ParkRun. I figured a fast 5k run out, in race like conditions would be just as good, as doing some sprints.

So how did it go, well my friend John and my dad came along we ran down to the course at around 8.20 pace and once the race started it was noticeable that there was fewer club runners than previous weeks. As I was able to stay near the front pack throughout the race.

I kept the pace high, as I wanted to make up for missing the sprints and came home in 20:15 , so that’s was brilliant as it was only 14 second out of my 5k PB and I didn’t move up to top gear, with the exception of the home straight were I was embroiled in a race off with a junior female runner. Thankfully, I moved ahead with a metre to go and held her off, otherwise I would of been miffed at being piped!!


The run home was quite slow going, other two arnt as used to me, at turning up at ParkRun and running to and from the event, so it took around 32 minutes to return home,

Thinking about my 5k pace, I looked up my races and ive actually only ever done 4 5ks and the last of these was back in 2009. So I think im over due a 5k race and PB……

Oh and in relation to race times, I think I mentioned in one of my early posts, that I use a spread sheet to record and monitor my times, to check how i’m going and here is the link if you want to do the same :


Looking through my records, I’ve done 42 races since I took running back up in 2006, although ive not done as many in the last few years as ive moved into Marathon territory and the training required for those, doesn’t lend itself to kindly to racing.

Out of no interest to any one, the 42 races breakdown as follows :

4 * 5k Races – PB 20:01 – 2009 – last race 2009

2 * 4 Mile Races – PB 29:40 – 2007 – last race 2007

14 * 10k Races – PB 42:58 – 2010 – last race 2013

4 * 7 Mile Races – PB 49:51 – 2013 – last race 2013

4 * 10 Mile Races – PB 1:11:27 – 2013 – last race 2013

1 * 11 Mile Race – PB 1:50:05 – 2008 – last race 2008

8 * Half Marathon – PB 1:32:58 – 2013 – last race 2013

1 * 20 Mile Race – PB 2:44:07 – 2009 – last race 2009

3 * Marathon – PB 3:48:18 – 2012 – last race 2012

A couple of 2013 PBs in there which is good, but a few distances have neglected over the years. Which is some ways is meaningless but in other way, if you set a PB at say 5k then physiologically, you know you could set a 10k PB and that’s why its important to race at different distances.

So tomorrow im down for 14 miles and im going to do it at my new long slow run pace of 8:20 per mile, as per the runners world training calculator :


The course I plan to run is this :


And its a tough one with a 500 foot climb, so weather or not I can stick to the 8.20 pace remains to be seen. But i’m looking forward to the challenge, it will be a good physical and mental battle, plus also its a nice route.

In other news, like many runners would of noticed. I can certainly tell the day light hours are shrinking and the temperatures are slowly coming down. I can see many a wet and windy run ahead before Dublin, I’ve been lucky so far, buts its only matter of time before I go a week without getting raining on!!

Don’t forget this up coming event

The Event

September 1st i will be joining Paralympic gold medalist Richard Whitehead as he runs the full length Britain. He will be running through Preston on that day and I am planning on joining him for 20 miles or so as a local runner. So if you have a spare Dollar / Pound or Euro please chuck it this way


Its for the Scope charity :


Tweet it, stick it on your facebook, pass it on through forums do everything you can and together we can help make his challenge an amazing success.




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