Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 51 Review


Richard is edging closer to our meeting point for tomorrow!!! Scary darey!!! But still time to sponsor me people, even if its just £1, it would make all the difference!!


So last nights run, the 12miles at 8.20 pace……..

One thing was for sure, I felt sore from the previous nights 11 miles with 7 @ HM pace and what I hadn’t considered was that buy running the route in reverse, instead of facing two steep declines of course I faced two sharp inclines……one at the start and one near the finish of the run!!! It was hard work!

I made a note of several land marks with some time goals based on the 8.20 per mile pace :

3 Miles 25:00 mins – Second zebra crossing on Brownedge Road

4 Miles 33:20 – Sumpter Horse Pub

5 Miles 41:40 – Ex Girl friends, younger sister’s, former flat with her dead beat bf

7 Miles 58:20 – Start of football pitches

8 Miles 1.06.40 – Edward Street

9 Miles 1:15:00 – Pinocchio’s

10 Miles 1:23:20 Motorway bridge

11 Miles 1.31.40 Bamber Bridge Medical Clinic

12 Miles 1:40:00 Home

Unfortunately, I let thought’s about Sunday distract me over the first two miles meaning, I reached the 3 mile point, two minutes behind schedule. So picked up the pace and managed to make up one minute by the time I reached the 4 mile marker.

At 5 miles, I will still one minute behind, which was a pain, so I worked a little harder and at the 7 mile maker I was back on time. But all this work had taken its toll so I found myself slowing down slightly and reached the 8 mile marker, 20 seconds behind time, so again, I had to up the pace and I made it to the 9 mile point bang on time, which was good.

At the 10 mile point, I was 10 seconds ahead of time, which was good, but I knew the steep climb of Kittlingborne Brow was coming, which is a tough climb on a normal run, never mind one with sore legs and after 10 miles of running. And sure enough, this climb hit me hard and I reached the 11 mile point, back 1 minute behind on my schedule and whilst I pushed on after this point, I didn’t quite manage to make up that one minute, coming home at 1:41:00.

So today, im a bit sore, but glad to have the day and really looking forward to my run with Richard Whitehead tomorrow, ive made out the route that I will cover and here it is :


If all goes to plan I should be joining Richard at the six mile point and running him though Preston and onto Abby Village……cant wait!!! This will be the most unusual but special training session yet.

Don’t forget there is still time to donate or to come out in support, Richard is setting of at 10 from Galgate and I hope lots of people come out , so spread the word RICHARD IS COMING!!!


Its for the Scope charity :


Tweet it, stick it on your facebook, pass it on through forums do everything you can and together we can help make his challenge an amazing success.




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