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Morning All, its the day of the big charity event, 20 miles with the great Richard Whitehead

I am quite looking forward to this and quite a few donations have come in over the past 48 hours taking my total up to £166.25 but if anyone else feels the need to ride themselves of a £1 or two please do so at :

The run starts at 10 , but I’ve to be in Galegate at 9, so its an early start on a bit of a drive for me today.

I will try and keep you guys updated via my twitter account at @SJPC14 but im not sure if I’ll be allow to tweet and run……..I guess I’ll know that answer to that soon enough!! Saying that, can I actually tweet and run?! I’m not sure……..I guess that’s another thing i’ll know the answer too soon enough!!

Any way, time to get breakfast and i’ll update you lot in a few hours, till then keep an eye on twitter and keep your donations coming in!! They are very much appreciated no matter how small.

I am very lucky to be apart of this event and im pleased that ive worked hard to raise funds and awareness of the event, mostly as I believe in what he is doing and its my way of saying thanks for being able to be apart of something which will be a life long special memory.

Any way, best go eat….

#Keep Running



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