Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 11 Review & The Week ahead

ImageWeek 10 ended with me running the first 20 miles of Richard Whitehead Galgate to Abby Village section of his Richard Runs Britain event and that’s me at the back in red and it took me 3hrs04mins to get through the 20 miles :


@MarathonChamp #RichRuns


It was great to be apart of this event and if you can find the time to take part, get online and get signed up, he still has some way to go and wants as many as possible to come for a run.

I found Richard and his team all very friendly and approachable and they certainly look out for you. I even got a free t-shirt!! I might not ever wear it mind he he #KeepSake

The run itself, wasnt too bad, there was some tough climbs and a cold breeze but you  soon warmed up and the chaperone cyclists kept everyone’s spirits up. Other runners were a mix of newbies , club runners and people who enjoy running.

So how did the rest of week 11 go, well it started off with a 7 mile run, including 6*100 metre strides and this i found quite easy, which is a great measure of how far ive come over the last 10 weeks :


This session was followed was a simple 5 Mile recovery run :


Then came a tough 11 Miles with 7 @HM pace, which really was tough going and I found myself struggling to keep to the pace


Next was a very sore 12 mile run, were i let thoughts of my charity run distract , resulting in me having to “chase the pace” to get back onto my target time


And then finally , it was my charity run, which Ive mentioned at the beginning of this post and got a bit of a write up in the Daily Mirror :


I am hoping to get more pictures to post up over time , including this one of the disastrous finish to the run as i forgot to check my mirrors when i set off home………….

richard gets run downOnly kidding!!!!

So week 12 and i am meant to be doing the 6 weeks to go plan , but Ive decided , with my impending holiday in mind, to switch it to the 5 weeks to go plan and change the 18 miles to 20 miles. I figure with two weeks off, i should be ok to do 20 miles back to back………….maybe

Scan3So this is the plan then :

Monday : Rest or Cross Train

Tuesday : 8 Miles aerobic

Wednesday : V02 Max – 9 Miles with 5 * 1,000 metres @ 5k Pace

Thursday : Rest or Cross Train

Friday : 12 Miles

Saturday : 5 Mile Recovery Run

Sunday : 20 Miles

Although , for the 5 mile recovery run, im hoping to get to Park Run and tonight i am planning to going to see the first of Andy Holgates book tour at Blackburn library.


Which should be fun and im hoping to be a total geek and get him to sign my book!!

In other news , so far Ive raised a £167.25 from doing my charity run and who knows one or two more pounds might come in.

A company has produced an energy spray, which sounds odd, but makes a lot of sense :


Taking part in ParkRun’s could improve your 5k time by 10% :


And thats all for now, I’ll report back on what Andy Holgate has to say tomorrow and I’ll enjoy my night off running after yesterday hard work!




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