Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 53 Review

mushroomsSo last night was my 9 miles with 5*1000 metre strides :

The 9 Miles :


The 1000 Metres :


With the 9 miles i decided not to give myself any pace targets and that turned out to be sensible thinking , as when i began the long climb of the 2.5 mile to 5 Mile point, i found my legs were a lot heavier than i realised, from the previous running session, along pretty much the same route and i found myself slowing right down.

I reached the bridge, from where i planned to do my strides at around 1hr10 and despite how heavy they felt on the run, once i got into the strides they were ok as i reeled off the following times :

1 – 4.53min

2 – 4.54min

3 – 4.55min

4 – 4.55min

5 – 4.44min

Which are quicker times than i expected and quicker times than this tool suggested i should do them in :


So as you can imagine , it was a very slow run home afterwards! On the plus no stiff left knee this morning……..which is good and tonight is a rest day for me as it fits in with home life.

But then im back on it tomorrow with a 12 miler , Park Run on Saturday and then 20 miles on Sunday

In other news it seems Mushrooms are a running super food :


And Runners World have provided this link, to a really cheap running products website :


#Keep Running



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