Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 54 Preview

ImageSo i’m back on it tonight, 12 miles with a target pace of 8.20 per mile and if i can get out of work early enough, this is the route i will aim for :


Feels weird having had a rest day last night, things have been so hectic of late that i’m usually running Tuesday through to Friday……buts its nice to not feel tried ahead of the run , although it is raining out so its going to be a wet one!!

Online Running.Competitor.com have publish this article on how to increase your speed, without increasing your mileage. So it’s quite a good read for those who have limited time or are ready churning out excessive miles each week.


I think the training schedule i am following, from the book Advanced Marathoning, covers most these things, although it doesn’t require that i do any specific hill work, i cant avoid them as i live in Lancashire. Plyometrics drills look like something worth investigating and core work is certainly something i neglect a lot……mostly due to lack of time to incorporate them.

And in other news, look at this cool watches from TomTom……they might actual even tempt me to ditch the stop watch and step into the 21st century







4 thoughts on “Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 54 Preview

    • Thanks for your comment Carla. Sorry about the delay in responding, it had been labelled as spam.

      Thanks for reading and I hope your still enjoying my musings

    • Hi Jim, im just using WordPress.com it seems very good and whilst you only get the basic stuff for free. Its enough for what i need.

      Thank you for your kind comments.

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