Gone Fishing


Well im off on a two week break, not brilliant timing and when I saw this table in Advanced Marathoning :

missed table

I was quite worried how my marathon would go, as I return with just five weeks to go to the big day. However, previously I had read in the Runners World Guide to Running how missing training, due to reasons other than injury, in the middle of a training program it came sometimes be of benefit to you, as you can come back refreshed…….. and then this week, there was this well timed article :


Which comes out with this positive blurb :

Life interrupted training and you resume running…

6 weeks before race day. The goal is to restore momentum and endurance without pushing it. For the first two   weeks back, reduce each weekday run by a mile and slow your pace by 15-30 seconds per mile, says Forsman. Stick to your scheduled long run; if the distance seems daunting, break it into two runs spaced at least four hours apart. After that, resume training at the point you’d be at if you hadn’t got sidetracked.

4 weeks before. Your primary goal is to get in that last long run. For the first week back, follow the mileage and pacing strategy above. Run your final long run three weeks before the race, but at 10-20 seconds per mile slower than normal, then start your taper. The slower pace helps compensate for the fitness you may have lost during the break, Forsman says. 

2 weeks before. At this point, the chances are you missed your last  long run. Let it go, otherwise you risk going into your big day not fully recovered, says Forsman. Resume your plan at the point where you’d be if you’d not taken a break, and follow through with your scheduled taper. If you’re dead set on squeezing in one last super-long effort, break it into two: 10 miles in the morning, 10 in the evening, with self-massage (or ice bath if you can stand it), refuelling and rest in between. Complete both of these runs 15-30 seconds per mile slower than usual. 

Which is very encouraging and now i’m a little less worried about things…………..

Whilst I am away I will be trying to maintain my fitness with plenty of walking, some core work and some swimming. So fingers crossed I wont put to much holiday weight on or lose to much pace.

I have added a couple of new reviews to my Literature Reviews page, so feel free to check them out :


Training wise, ive got myself through around 56 training runs, some good, some bad…..some disastrous and some special ones.

I set myself a 10k course PB in the Cuerden Valley Badger Run and a ParkRun PB

I’ve covered a total of 542 miles!!

Run with an Olymipc Gold medallist in the form of Richard Whitehead and with author and iron man Andy Holgate

Raised around £200 for a charity event

And ive consumed god knows how many bugs along the way!!

So its been a great 12 weeks. And when I return there is another 5 fives and then its a big day!!!

dublin end

So in the mean time feel free to wonder around my blog and its various pages and leave any comments you want and when I return I will respond to all of them. I have to admit , I didn’t think this blog would get read by any one, but so far its been read over 600 times!!! so hopefully its not just me that’s learning from this experience.

Any way till I return, happy running




4 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. 17/09/2013 10:45

    Hi There,

    We see you have entered the Dublin Marathon in October and wondered if you would be interested in joining our Pink Ribbon Campaign?

    Denon have teamed up with The Pink Ribbon Foundation to invite 100 runners to run this year’s Airtricity Dublin Marathon on their behalf and raise all-important funds for breast cancer care and research.

    Denon and The Pink Ribbon Foundation are proud to invite 100 runners to help change lives one mile at a time in this year’s Airtricity Dublin Marathon. All they need to do is register, run and raise money for The Pink Ribbon Foundation. In return, Denon will provide each of their 100 runners with a complete marathon survival kit including a t-shirt and a free pair of their special edition Exercise Freak in-ear wireless headphones (worth €150).

    Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products has partnered with The Pink Ribbon Foundation in the fight against breast cancer. Not only, are we proudly participating in the Airtricity Dublin Marathon on Monday 28th of October but we have also released special edition Pink Exercise Freak in-ear wireless headphones, donating 20% of profits* to the charity.

    Registration for the marathon closes on 1st October 2013.

    Register here now http://www.denon.eu/pink_uk/

    • Thank you for your message. I have only just done a bit of charity fund raising , so i think i will have to give it a miss this time. But good luck with reaching your targets.

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