Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 57

ImageYesterday i returned to running after 2 weeks away and i even managed to get out pretty early. Well early for me….. 0715. I did aim for 0630……but hey ho! – I was inspired by the ‘Running with the Kenyon’s’ book. Although sadly it isn’t day light at 6 any more here now that Autumn has arrived.

It was great to get out. I covered 7 miles with 5 *600 metre strides using these routes :

The 600s :


The 7 miles :


It felt great to be out running and i flew through the first mile or so, so i slowed down a little. I think the joy of being out running again, combined with my decision to not bother pacing the 7 miles had affected me.

My plan was to run the bulk to the 7 miles and on my return home stop to the sprints. I found that it doesn’t seem that i have lost too much fitness despite my holiday, so what little exercise I had done whilst away, seemed to have worked and i got around the run and the sprints ok. Although annoyingly, the end of my run co-in sided with the school run and i hadn’t taken it into account that there is a school on Higher Walton road…..i should of got out at half six after all it seemed!!

With the sprints, i managed to complete these in fairly consistently in around 2mins27secs each time , recording the following times :

1 – 2.29

2 – 2.29

3 – 2.27

4 – 2.26

5 – 2.25

With the seven miles, Ive annoyingly not got my time to hand, but i think i completed it in around 56 mins. I will confirm that later on.

And this morning, Ive fairly sore quads…..so it would seem whilst i manage to maintain my fitness levels fairly well my leg muscles may of depleted slightly during my two weeks away.

So tonight im down for 11 miles and again following Runners Worlds advice here :


I am reducing it down to 10 miles and this is the route Ive got planned :


It should prove fairly demanding and certainly work on those depleted leg muscles of mine!

In other news….after stating before my holiday that i think i need new trainers based on the fact i had now covered over 600 miles in my current pair. When i was out running yesterday, i was startlingly clear that both the stability and cushioning has gone or is compromised in my trainers. As i left a slight twinge in my left knee and after my run had quite sore heels. Sadly i cant get to the store until the weekend, as Preston is a city with plenty of runners but no running stores…..

But come Saturday I’ll be at Sweatshop in Chorley and i might also pay Decathlon in Bolton a visit as it seems they have bought out their own trainer range and Runners World have given them some very good reviews.


It goes to show the trainer companies are not making it up that you should change your shoes every 500-600 miles.




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