Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 58

ImageI think I’ll start today’s post off with announcing that Richard Whitehead has completed his 40 marathons in 40 days challenge :


And this is still chance if you want to drop him a pound or two at :


So massive congrats to him!! It was amazing to meet him and run with him. I dont think i’ll ever forget that experience!


So last night was my 10 mile run and by the time, it was time to get running my legs were feeling quite sore and in no mood for it. However, i forced myself out the door and hit the road. It was tough going for sure, with a hilly route and tried legs due to my recent holiday. Before i set off, i did make a note of a few mile markers and what time i needed to reach them in order to cover the full 10 miles at 8.20 pace. However, i missed the 3 miles point by around 30 seconds and then was perhaps a minute out when i reached the five mile point after some hard work pushing on up the long climb.

By the time i reached the six mile point, my legs had started feel the stain of having had two weeks off running so i reverted to running by “feeling”. By this i mean when i felt like i could push on, i pushed on and when i felt like i needed to ease off, i eased off. This is another trick ive taken from the “Running with the Kenyons” book which I recently read.

I reached home at around 1hr32mins and was really pleased to know tonight would be a rest night although i was also really pleased that i had got out and run the 10 miles.


My next run will be Friday when im down to do 4 miles with 6*100 metre strides and continuing to follow the advice from Runners World, i will be instead doing 3 miles with 6*100 metre strides.

In some ways the short distance of the run part of this session has made it a little tricky in working out where to run. But i have managed to find a small and quite little road, which is 100 metre long and although it features a bend it should prove to be a good surface for running on as its very flat. I will just have to grin and bare the fact that i will look slightly crazy, so near to home.

So this will be my Friday 3 mile run :


And this is to be the 100 metre stride zone :


I am also considering getting out early morning for this session as per Tuesday, but i guess that will be decision will be based on what time i get to bed tonight and how awake i feel in the morning. Fingers crossed i will mange an early session but its not so bad if i dont.

In other news; International ParkRun day is to be held on October 5th so try and get to your local ParkRun or even set one up to start on that day! And also if you break your ParkRun PB this weekend (September 28th) you could win a pair of Adidas trainers.


A runner in Devon has been hit by a booby trap…..which is a bit scary!!


I really need to watch the Great North Run, i missed it as i was on holiday and it sounds like it was quite a race!


And finally, the Guardian website have got some training programs which you can follow, should you so wish to


I am off to enjoy a day off and hope for some muscle recovery in time for tomorrows speed work.




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