Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 59



So I didn’t make out running earlier this morning, as I didn’t go to bed till after midnight. But I got out tonight. My legs had heeled somewhat from the midweek runs , but my left quad is still quite sore.

So tonight was 3 miles with 6*100 metre strides….or these if you want a visual :

3 Miles :


100 Metres :


I took the 3 miles very lightly as I wanted to get the mileage done but also aid my heeling up ahead of Sunday’s 17 miler and covered the distance in 26mins37secs

As for the 100 metres im not so sure Mr Bolt needs to look over his shoulder just yet as I went on to record the following times :

1- 16sec39

2- 18sec13

3- 14sec49

4- 16sec18

5- 15sec69

6- 15sec60

I did quite enjoy the speed session, although the area I used wasn’t great for it, it seems that there is an art to sprinting on a bend as per an athletics commentary you hear….also finishing right by a road….hmm I didn’t really think that through did I!! It proved to be a distraction, although the roads were quiet. I couldn’t see if pedestrians were about to pop around the corners or not.

Oh well, I did enjoy it and im glad I went out there but perhaps I wont use that speed zone again.

So tomorrow, im down for 8 – 15k at race pace…….and I ive decided to further aid my return to running. I am simply going to do one of the local ParkRuns so this means 5k at race pace. Although I will be running there and back.

In other news; Science in Sport have got a massive sale on and its well worth checking out as they do some very good products :


and Runners World have re-published their 25 golden rules of running :


Finally the Daily Telegraph have published an article , in which a study claims that for some people, no matter how much training they do, they will never improve as runners…….


I would say I don’t agree with this, which Is easy for me to say as I have got better the harder I’ve trained. But perhaps they mean that there is a plateau that certain people will never get beyond…..




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