Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 60

new shoes

S0 today was Park Run today, a change in what I was scheduled to do, but im sure it wont hurt me too much.

The day started off well, I was up pretty earlier but then I wasted time and ended up not setting off to Park Run until 0837 giving me 23 minutes to get there in time for the race. Although saying that I only had just over 2 miles to get there :


This took me 13mins27secs which is faster than I would of wanted to run there but I guess that it will add to the training…..

The run itself, I decided to give it a good go, but feeling sore and having only just returned from my travels I couldn’t get up to top speed. But saying that, I managed to maintain a good fast pace all the way around surprising myself and coming home in 20mins44secs , not a PB so no prize draw for me (It was PB day at Park Run, if you got a PB you could of won some trainers) but I was pleased with my run.

I took the hill well each time without easing off some , I did good over taking practice. Going past people edging ahead of them and then running into their run path, to make it hard for them to over take me. And I also managed a bit of a sprint finish, but as there was no one around me, I found I didn’t have the motivation to get up to top speed and eased off with a metre or so to go. I got a 13th place finish and a good 10 seconds ahead of the guy behind me , but over 10 seconds behind the person in front of me. That said, he has a PB of around 18 mins…..


Route :


In other news, I carried out my threat to get some new trainers and I came very close to simply buying the latest version of the New Balance 860v3 which I currently wear and instead opted for the Asics GT-2000. Although they didn’t feel as comfy as the New Balance trainers, they felt a lot lighter and sometimes its good to have a chance. If they don’t feel right, I will simply return them and buy the New Balance. Testing starts next week, as I don’t think tomorrow’s 17 miler is a good distance for breaking in a new pair of trainers.

The Dublin Marathon organisers have published this video of the route and ive already watched it twice!!! It was quite something to see where I am going to be running and It looks like a nice course and its brought home, how near I am now to the big day!!


And finally, Ive bought some products to test out on tomorrow’s run, with the marathon in mind :


I’ll let you know how they go….

And some interesting links from today are this one from Runners World, which shows you some strength exercises’ you can do on your form roller :


And this one from Running. Competitor about cramps :


Now to rest up ahead of tomorrow’s planned 17 miler, which I am aiming to do at 8.20 pace……fingers crossed :


It should prove to be a tough challenge , but if I can make it around at 8.20 given everything. Then it will be a massive boost with race day looming large.

One more thing, I’ve added a new review to my Literature Review page, if you want to check it out, its here :





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