Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 61

In case you missed it in my past posted ive included the video of the route once more

So today was a 17 miles run, which despite only having returned from a two week absence I was hoping to complete in around 8.20 pace. But sadly I wasn’t able to do this, I had mile markers at 2 mile, 4 mile, 10 miles , 11 miles , 13 mile, 14 mile, 15 mile  and 16 mile.

Route :


However, I reached the 10 mile marker around 40 seconds behind my pace plan and then again at 11 miles I was still 40 seconds behind the plan. I reached the 13 mile point around a minute behind my pace plan and from here, things went wrong…….my legs started feeling heavy and slowed right down to the marathon shuffle it was hard going at times, but I got around and was home in 2hr33min31secs

This wasn’t a great run out, but thinking back to my midweek 10 mile run, during which my legs started to go at the six mile point, its encouraging that this time I got to the 13 mile point before that happened. So a mixed bag really but im content as this was always going to be a tough week, being the first week back from my holiday but on the plus I am showing signs that I am making up for lost time fast.

Just four weeks to go now and I have got a 20 mile run next Sunday and I am currently thinking no huge hills and a simple course. I also plan to practice my pace plan next Sunday as on the day of the race I am currently planning on covering the route using three different paces. 8:20 per mile for 10 miles , 8:10 per mile for 10 miles and then 8 per mile for the final six, which would bring me home in around 3hr33. Although on the day, if im feeling good, I could up the pace over those last six miles and who knows get much closer to that 3hr30min marker or it could all go wrong. Of course, I will have a better idea of what I can do after next weeks run, which will be two weeks since my return and fingers crossed I should be some way onto returning to the fitness levels I had before my holiday.

In other news Wilson Kipsang has broke the world record for the marathon clocking 2:03:23 in Berlin


However this finish of the race was ruined by this fool


The guardian have published an interesting article of about Dualthons if your interested in trying something different from a normal running race


Runners World have got a great article about going sub20 for the 5k. Something ive never done in a race.


Product Reviews :

In my last post, I mentioned I was going to be testing out a few new products , well these ones to be exact :


Starting with the Sports Beans from the Jelly Bean company, flavour wise these are fantastic. Very juicy , very moreish. in terms of their impact, they are fast acting and lasted for maybe around half a mile.

The SIS Isotonic Energy Gel…..in terms of flavour this tasted a bit like the blackcurrant lemsips you can buy but you cant fault SIS gels, because they must be one of the easiest ones to swallow and digest. In terms of impact, after taking this, I felt completely re-energised but as my legs were already starting to feel the strain I wasn’t able to capitalise on the affect.

The SIS Recovery drink………once you open the pack your hit by the smell of banana but even after I had run it through a blender you can still feel the power as you drink it. That said it was easy to drink and enjoyable.






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