Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 13 Review


wilson kipsangI thought it was right to start this weeks review with a picture of Wilson Kipsang who has just broken the world marathon record not that you would know it living in the UK unless your searched around online , the feat didn’t make the papers or get any TV coverage…….


My running week didn’t involve setting any world records but i had a good time out running none the less after a two week break.

My week start with a six mile run including some speed work 5*600 metre strides to be exact. And despite the fact i hadn’t run for two weeks i got through the session ok with out any issues. Although i did wake up the next day feeling very sore, as sore if as i had done a long 18 miler or something.


My next training session was a 10 mile run was where my two week absence caught up with me and from the six mile point onwards it was a bit of a mind Vs body battle.


This was followed with a 3 mile recovery run plus 6*100 metre strides. The distance and strides went ok, although it is seemly apparent that Usain Bolt can run the 200 metres almost as fast as i could run 100 metres. Although, i was running on a bend, an uneven surface and with the distraction cars……..that said he could almost run 200 metres in the time it takes me to run 100 metres.


Next i was supposed to do 8 – 15k at race pace but instead opted to run down to my local park run and race that. I surprised myself by finishing the 5k in 20:44 maintaining a good solid pace the whole way around. I so wish to find a flat 5k race in the near future so i can finally record a sub20 finish……..


I finished the week off with a 17 miler , which went ok for the first 13 miles……..and then it was an exercise in doing the marathon shuffle. But my time wasn’t completely wasted as i tested out some products i might use on the big day.


Thinking about the big day its now just 28 days away and feeling very very close. I have now obtained and watched a view of the route (See previous post), printed out the route and finish zone maps and pin pointed my hotel in relation to the start and finish……yes the butterflies have landed!!


So the week ahead looks like this :

Monday – Rest or Cross train – REST

Tuesday – 7 miles with 6*100 metre strides

Wednesday – 10 miles with 4 * 1,200 metre strides

Thursday – Rest or Cross train

Friday – 11 Miles

Saturday – 4 Miles

Sunday – 20 Miles

Its going to be a tough week ahead and with Sundays run Ive got plans to get out my multi-pace plan for the big day. With Saturday, well its actually my birthday, so fingers crossed I’ll get a Park Run PB that a be nice present to myself.




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