Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 62

ImageToday’s post comes on a day when someone, somewhere decided it would be a good idea to try add to the national obesity crisis and cause a few heart attacks with the above monstrosity.  Would you really want to put that thing in your body!! Insanity!!!

Any way, so last night i got and did my 7 miles with 6*100metre stride and both the run and strides went well. This was the 7 mile route, i decided to go with a out and back again route, with a long incline, as Ive heard that the Dublin marathon features a similar section :


And this was the 100 metres :


The 100 metres were made harder by the fact that i did them all in one direction to the end of the farm and jogging back down to the start and this meant that each 100 metres would be done on a up hill gradient. Still i guess it will help add some strength to my legs , which is needed after my holiday.

So my 100 metre times were as follows :

1 – 15sec19

2- 16sec00

3- 15sec20

4- 15sec96

5- 16sec31

6- 15sec46

The seven miles were covered 1hr00mins57secs    Not great but as it included some sprints and almost two miles of running non-stop up hill its not such a bad thing. Although my left quad did feel a little sore during the sprints.

Tonight was meant to be 10 miles with 4*1,200 metre strides but Ive had to push these back till Thursday due to other commitments which is a shame but couldn’t be helped.

Last night was the first day of wearing my new trainers :


At first it was strange, as it always is when you switch brand. But i loved how light these trainers felt, it was a big difference from the New Balance trainers and perhaps will aid me in sprints and physiologically during the later part of the marathon.

In other news things are hotting up again on the Dublin Marathon forum :


As we edge ever closer to the big day, with people discussion what to wear, carb loading, the route and the local area to the race.

The Northern Running guide are running a poll about people wearing headphones during races. Personally, i am against it, not just for safety reasons of the wearer but also for the runners around them


Runners World have published an article about how your breakfast can affect your running performance :


And Running.Competitor.com have two interesting articles one on Speed V Endurance


And other about all marathon runners friend THE WALL!! and its a very interesting read!







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