Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 63 – Preview : 10 miles with 4 * 1,200 metre strides

ImageSince Wilson Kipsang set the world marathon in Berlin a few weeks ago there has been a lot of talk about the likelihood/possibility of someone running a sub 2 hour marathon. Certainly going off the world half marathon record of 58mins23sec it would suggest that its possible but will anyone  ever be able to maintain that sort of pace over the marathon ? I think it will happen one day, but it has taken over 100 years to get from just under 3 hours to just over 2 hours, so it might be sometime off yet. I wonder what Johnny Hayes would of thought when he set the record of 2hr55mins18sec in 1908 that one day someone would run it in 2hrs03mins23sec , i imagine he would of thought “no way, no chance”. Its taken 11 years for the record to go from 02:05:38 to 02:03:23 , so perhaps we are looking at another 10 – 20 years, at least, before it happens but i think it will happen.

Here are some interesting links on the subject :



The view in 2011 :


The history :



Right back to me, after last nights day off, i am feeling a little more refreshed especially as i managed to get to bed before midnight. Ok its was 2300 but it still counts.

I am down for 10 miles with 4*1,200 metre strides tonight. So this will be a new challenge during this training program as ive not done speed work other than distance yet.

This is the 1200 metres (well its slightly over , but that wont matter) :


And this is the 10 mile route i plan to run :


But i will be running it in in reverse due to the fading light and so that i end with the sprints rather than start with them. its a fairly tough route with a 330ft climb and features a section were I’ll be running up hill for around three miles but it will be a good workout and good preparation for 25 days time!!!





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