Dublin Marathon Session 63 – 10 miles with 4 * 1,200 metre strides

ImageJust 24 days left to go now!!

So last night was my 10 mile run with 1,200 metre strides and i have to say it went fairly well. Although i  did forget my pen, which meant i couldn’t record the times of the sprints and that annoyed me. I did consider doing them as part of tonight’s run instead, but i figured, i want to give myself the best chance possible to set a PB at Park Run in the morning, so best not.

The 10 miles run went really well and i seem to be recovering my fitness as i got around the 10 miles without hitting the wall, despite the sprints in 1hr28mins which works out at around 8min50sec per mile and four minutes faster than last weeks 10 mile which didn’t feature any speed work. Note i did stop my watch to do the sprints.

This was the 10 miles :


With the strides, i decided to make them a little bit harder and ran each of them right to left on below map, pushing myself all the way and then jogging back down to beginning to start again with a limited break in between. It was tough work and by the last one i had , had enough.


So tonight is an 11 mile run and i have gone with this route :


It has got a couple of tough climbs and several ups and downs so it should prove a good workout and again I’ll try for 8.20 pace.

In other news the Guardian have published this interesting interview with ultra runner Timothy Olson and it features some good running tips


This article also from the Guardian talks about the environmental impact of races :


And i know what they mean, as walking back to my hotel when i did the Great North Run i was shocked by the thousands of plastic drinks bottles which had covered the roads and pavements like a carpet and so that most of them were 70% or more full with sports drinks or water. I think they could of helped themselves, if they have used the smaller sized bottles rather than 500 ml bottles, because you just don’t drink that much as a runner, its more a sip and throw operation. Although i guess there would still be a lot of rubbish left………perhaps have large containers just down the road which runners could throw drinks bottles or plastic cups into would be great.

Gels, its always a bug to see a runner take a gel and then just throw the wrapper down to the ground, polluting the very space which has lent itself to his or hers favorite past time. Put the wrapper back in your pocked and take it home or drop it in the next bin you pass!!!

Any way rant over, back to work!!





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