Dublin Marathon 2013 – Sub20 5K!!!


That looks like one crazy movie hey!! Any one seen it ?

So I’ve two updates to tell you about, first Fridays 11 miler. Which went really well. This was the route :


Despite only noticeable mile markers at the 2, 3, 9 and 10 mile points I manage to work my way around this route 1hr29mins04sec which works out at around 8:06 mins per mile. I am not sure how or why I got around so easily but it was nice to ease off the gas a little with a half mile or so left to go when I realised that I could do. It was a nice change and a timely confidence booster.

And this confidence was then taken into this mornings International Park Run day and if you read my previous post you would know I was out for a birthday PB. One the line at the start of the race, I spotted the chap who finished one place above me the previous week and knowing his PB is SUb20, I thought I will stick with this this guy as long as I could…….

And then the race started. I flew off. I didn’t want to waste any seconds and miss out on a PB and be thinking uff I should of run quicker here , there or then etc etc. For the first 200 metres or so I was somehow in 3rd position…..but as I eased off on the hill a few runners went by me.

After the climb a group of about 5 runners, went by me including the moustached man I was to us as a pacing guide. I worked my way into the middle of the group and sat on his shoulder, not literally mind you!!

But as we approached the half way point of the first mile, I felt good. So you know what, I pushed on thought the group out on my own. I have to admit it felt good being apart of that group of runners, running a fast pace with them. But I was in the zone, determined to get that PB and I didn’t care if they went by me or not later one as long as I PB’d!!

So now I was in around 5th position and I held this place right through to the hill on the second lap of the three lap course. It was then that I eased off on the climb again, im really not a fast hill climber and I remember a bit of commentary I once heard watching the Great Edinburgh Cross Country and Mo Farah had just powered up a hill to go into first and then once at the top of the hill , moved up yet another gear and held 1st for the rest of the race. And the commentator said something like “That’s excellent work from Mo, you never power up a hill , unless your going to do exactly what he has done there and push on from the top”

So I stuck to the tactic of not pushing too hard on the hill. About 3 or 4 people went by me this time and then another went by me as we reached the half way point of the second lap. But I decided not to let them go and not looking at my watch I pushed on and went by two of them taking me back up to 8th position. It was on the down hill section of the second lap where I passed my friend Louisa who shouted out “Either your going really fast or im going  really slow” and that’s when I thought I must be on for a good time and I gave her a wave and felt inspired to speed up again.

The third lap turned into a battle between me and this guy slowly but surely worked our way back up to the guys in front and then it because a battle between four of us. Exchanging positions always pushing on and during the final 300 metres there was 3 of us switching place and when we got to last 150 metres or so one, guy took off and put a bit of distance between himself and me this other runner. But on the 100 metres home straight we both sped up to a sprint passing either side of him and then it was a race for the finish. But sadly I just didn’t have the legs left to maintain the sprint and took 7th position in the end.

But I was really pleased, a top ten finished fantastic!! My first at Park Run and then I saw my watch it read 19:28 and I was really pleased with that!! Later I would find my official time recorded as 19:31 (After some confusion that is…..but that’s another story) so my first ever sub 20 5k….sadly at Park Run event not a race….but still I am so pleased because its not an easy course and I put a lot of effort into it.

One thing is for sure, the training programme im on, it sure it working!! There was a few times today when I wanted to easy off but I thought to myself no, if you can run eights miles then to four reps of 1200 metres and then run another 2 miles you can do this and that thought kept me running at the high pace I was doing. Physically and mentally this training programme is improving me as a runner. Two weeks back from a two week break and I record my fastest ever time over 5k!!! Brilliant!!

This is the Preston Park Run route (3 Laps)


And here is me in 7th place!!!!


A great mornings work!!!

So tomorrow im down for 20 miles and I’ve decided to be kind of myself (Esp as all the other 20 mile runs ive done have gone badly) and mapped out this route :


The first seven miles or so look pretty easy and then it gets tough going, but fingers crossed it will go well.

I’ve a couple of SIS gels to try out and I am going to try and do a multi pace run. I am thinking 10 miles at 8:20 per mile, 5 at 8:10 per mile and then 5 at 08:00 per mile as this is a similar plan to what I have for the big day and if it goes well I know its the right pace plan for me. Although saying that my legs might be a little sore after todays efforts!!

But we’ll see





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