Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 65 – The last long run

ImageRace pictures are never the most flattering!!! Any way there is me and the two guys i battled with to the bitter end of Saturdays Park Run were i got my first ever sub20 5k time :


We are just turning into the home straight the guy at the front finished behind me (Even better now Ive seen he is an Everton fan – Come on the Reds!!) and the guy whose shoulders you can just make out behind me, finished ahead of me. It was a great end to the race!! I am wondering if one of the reasons i was able to run so fast was due to the fact that during my holiday i did quite a bit of core work…….

So yesterday was my last long run of the training schedule and i took on this 20 mile route :


I decided that i would run this, with a mix pacing strategy 10 miles at 8.20 per mile , 5 at 08:10 per mile and then finish on 8 mins per mile. However, the route didn’t really fit this plan to well, as there were very few notable mile markers for me to use. But i made do with knowing where the 2 , 3 , 7 , 9 , 13 , 15 and 19 mile points were.

I got out a little earlier than normal (well only 30 minutes earlier at 0800am) but it was like another world it was so quiet out with the exception of runners and cyclists there wasn’t really anyone else about….saying that there was a guy stood in the middle of the park juggling. I got through the first 3 miles quite easily and slightly ahead of pace but on crossing Liverpool Road the plan went out of the window.

Why………well because as i hit the path to take me along by the river at exactly the same time as another runner and it soon became clear, despite it being a training run neither of us wanted the other to go by and it became a bit of race……i know, i know, i know, i should of ignored it but im the competitive type and so it turned out, was she. This training battle lasted all the way till the five mile point were she turned right and i carried on over the bridge and around the docks. Saying that, as i got half way around the docks i passed my rival once more heading in the opposite direction and we gave ourselves a knowing smile and wave.

i paid for this bout of madness by reaching the 9 mile point 2 minutes off plan and i never managed to recover that but i am pleased with how it went and i am thinking that this multi-pace plan is the right way forward for me on the day. Completing this final long run in 02:54:33 which is slower than i intended but that was my own fault for engaging in competitive training and because the day before i had run my best ever 5k time!!

Another week down , another 54 mile ticked off.

Tapering begins this week and im starting to get excited and nervous about lining up on race day!

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Ever thought about running in Switzerland, no…..me neither!! but apparently its an ideal destination for it :


And this guy continues to be a supreme runner :







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