Dublin Marathon 2013 – The Tapering Begins


So mesocycle four begins, Ive attached an image of it, but to see it clearer your have to click on it sorry. Three more weeks of running during what will be a tapering period and then its the big day, which is now just 20 days away!!

For a tapering plan i was surprised to find five speed sessions and tune up race suggested. I am more used to tapering periods, which involve little if any speed work, i guess this is yet another example of why the book i am using is called “Advanced Marathoning”. And with some of you writing in to say that you also followed this training plan with big results, i should trust the plan and continue to follow it.

So whats on this cards this week then well…….this :

Monday : Rest or Cross Train – I rested

Tuesday : 8 miles with 5 * 600m @ 5k pace

Wednesday : 6 miles

Thursday : Rest or Cross train

Friday : 4 Miles recovery with 6 * 100 m

Saturday : 8 – 10k tune up race

Sunday : 16 miles

Already like many runners short of time, i am looking through the week and thinking what can / do i need to tweek. Well for a start, races in England tend to be on a Sunday, so if i do a race this weekend it may have to be the Sunday not Saturday. So instantly the weekend could be switched around. But saying that, looking at the race listings on UKresults there is a race locally on the Saturday a 10k one…..there is also a 4 Mile run on the Sunday…….hmm decisions , decisions!! – Text sent to fellow local runners, their interest will help me decide.


My partner is not at work today, so it might lead to a quieter night if i switched Wednesday and Tuesday around as speed work usually eats into the evening……hmmm again decisions , decisions. I will see what she prefers i guess it wont make too much difference to me and its always better to have a happy home!

The rest of the week should be fine…..bit up in the air about the order of things this week, but i wont be missing any sessions that for sure! I am looking forward to getting to do a race, i feel in good form at the moment , esp after last weekends 5k PB


In other news, this runner is looking for your advice :









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