Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 66 – Six Miles

ImageJust 19 days to go now!!

So last night i ran the six mile recovery run, which was scheduled for tomorrow but as my partner was at home and is working tonight, i figured it was the right thing to do.

I went for this route in the end :


Which is an out and back route with a 150ft climb in the middle. I aimed to complete in at 8.20 pace and is 50 minutes, and i decided to do it in two splits of 25 minutes each way and well that’s pretty much what i did arriving at the turn around point on about 25mins13secs and returning home on 50mins14secs. So that’s was quite a well timed run and is a good indication that i am learning how running at 8.20 pace feels, given that i don’t have a GPS watch this is a key thing for me to learn and something that was alien to me at the beginning of my training for Dublin.

Tonight’s run, is the 8 miles with 5*600m at 5k pace and with the darkening skies i must once again return same route i ran last night, as its becoming too dark to run down by the river. Its a very simple route and as mentioned before the road it goes along is good for doing sprints on. It is a little dull to run, but its not without challenges to keep you focused. As it features a long drawn out 280ft climb and ends on a 112ft climb.


As for the six hundred metres, i will use the same route ive used previously and the same tactic of running all the reps in one direction and jogging back down to the start.


I must remember my pen and paper this time, so that i know what i am doing and to prevent myself from slacking off whilst doing the reps. Using the Runners World training pace calculator, it says i should cover 800m in 3mins06sec , so i need to make sure each and every rep goes under this time.

Also again,  i will run the majority of the 8 miles first, before engaging in the reps. I am finding this the best way to do it as then you’ve got the energy to cover the longer run and whilst you might not be able to go as quick as you can, on the sprints. Knowing mentally that you ran X number of miles and then then did sprints, helps you to push on in times when your struggling. Such as during my recent Park Run event, where i ran my fastest ever 5k. There were times when a little voice in my head said slow down a little, you cant maintain this. But then i thought i did 10 miles with 1200m sprints the other day, yes i can maintain this.

So as well as improving my speed and leg strength doing the sprint sessions in this order, is making me mentally stronger.

In other news, the common wealth games torch relay has begun. I am looking forward to this additional sporting event in the sports calendar , with the hope of seeing some great running.


Runner Simon Freeman (@simon_freeman) posted this interesting link on Twitter and its well worth check out :


And Running.Competitor.com have published this artcile about becoming a smarter runner


Looking through it, ditching the junk miles is something ive learnt on this training plan im following, hill running i cnat avoid them where i live and is something that all us runners must master and you cant argue with the benefit and core work…….if only there were more hours in the day!!






4 thoughts on “Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 66 – Six Miles

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    • Thanks Jason, always good to hear from other runners. I don’t often have the time id like to write good posts, but i do my best to get information out to runners as well as blogging my own journey.

      Thanks again.

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