Dublin Marathon 2013 – Thigh Strain latest

ImageSo last nights rest or cross train day, was well timed as it meant i could do a bit of heeling without having the frustration of knowing i missing a run. So it was spent, applying muscle gel sitting about and using the foam roller on my return home and just before bed.

This morning, i woke up and my leg felt a lot better , i applied muscle rub and had another foam roller session , ate breakfast and walked to work. Over the course of the two mile walk, i found my leg was ok on flats but i felt a bit of a twinge on hills and stairs…..

My current thinking is to skip tonight’s run and have an easy run out tomorrow but…….NO RACING!!!!!

From what Ive read i have the kind of injury that will clear up between 24 hours and a week…….but i suspect i should be able to return to running this weekend, just on sprints for me!!.

It is frustrating, but i am still positive that i will make the marathon, there is still 17 days to recover after all. I just need to remain positive and stay sensible.

In other news the Guardian running blogs questions the need to do static stretching before heading out on a run :


Which also provides a link to this FIFA warm program, which it says would be better for runners :


And they have a fascinating but brief interview with the worlds oldest runner :


I am not sure I’ll be running at his age, but you can see the benefit that running and being active at an elderly age has had on him and its very impressive going. 9 Marathons, now that’s something id like to replicate!!

And i found this interesting Marcile about running form :


So off for another night of not running, made worse by the fact i know i will be missing a session tonight, but if it gets me to the start line in 17 days then so be it




4 thoughts on “Dublin Marathon 2013 – Thigh Strain latest

  1. I think you’re wise to give it a rest again for another night and see how it goes on. As you say better miss a couple of days now and still be able to get to the start line. Hope the injury clears up and all the best

    • Thanks Jason, yer it should be ok as it seems a lot better today. I just have to no be stupid and we’ve all been there hey!!

      This is certainly a situation i can learn from though. Before my next marathon challenge i get aim to get in far more gym sessions before running takes over my world and work on some of these muscles that simply running misses out.

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