Dublin Marathon 2013 – First run since the injury

16Days to go!!!

So my first run in two days and the first since the thigh strain incident.

Having taken two days off running my thigh felt a lot better this morning, however, I decided to give it a few hours before I went running and continue with my muscle rub and foam roller routine which seems to be working.

The run I choice was this :


Over the first mile or so, I felt no pain at all and  was really pleased with part of my mind thinking I should of raced this morning and the other thinking I am glad ive been sensible….

However, by the four mile point things had changed and the pain was slowly creeping back in, so much so I was glad to make it home when I did as I am not sure i could of run much further!

Soooo a mix bag really, I got through a good 2 miles without feeling anything from the thigh in question, which is really good and shows what ive been doing is working, but the pain did return which is of course bad…… I am going to continue with my recovery plan and see how the leg feels in the morning. At this current moment I am thinking its unlikely that I will be able to run the 16 miles I am down for…..but maybe I could walk them…

Its an interesting idea, my leg was pain free walking to and from work on Friday and whilst it would be really slow going. It would still be a bit of a work out, nowhere near as good as running would be mind you but still it would be a sixteen mile walk…and I could always do a mixture of both I guess…

This article certainly promotes the value of walking and although it isn’t be as good a work out as running, it would be better than nothing


Time for the waiting game, lets see how the leg reacts to my run and then I decide what to do. I am still fairly positive and the fact that I can run two days after the injury shows its not that serious an injury and that’s the main thing.




3 thoughts on “Dublin Marathon 2013 – First run since the injury

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  2. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! Hope you heal up quickly. You were definitely wise to take a couple of days off and not race. The most important thing now is to try and get to that start line in one piece!

    • It sure is tiny. I am playing the sensible but frustrating game at the moment. It felt a lot better on this mornings walk to work….but then that’s how it was on Friday.

      Will plan my second run attempt wisely. There is still plenty of time to heel up and thats the main thing to remember.

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