Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 16 Review

15Days to go!!

So the week started on the back of my first ever sub20 5k and has ended with me feeling slightly frustrated as I struggle with a thigh strain.

But having read this excellent blog post :


And having listen to Denise Lewis on Saturday Kitchen yesterday, yes I like cooking!! Any way, she was saying how she was injured 9 weeks before the Sydney Olympics and wasn’t able to train properly after that point and wasn’t even sure if she would make the Olympics. The result, she got gold!! So perhaps things arnt all doom and gloom and im sure if I stay positive that’s half the battle won.

So what did I run this week, well I ran 6 miles on Tuesday and it was very uneventful and I achieved my pacing target without too much trouble :


Then came Wednesdays run….that’s when it went wrong as I picked up a thigh strain during my sprint sessions which seems to be a result of having a muscle miss match between my hamstrings and quads.


I then took two days off before returning yesterday with a six mile run, which went really well for the first 2 miles or so but then the thigh strain returned :


So I skipped todays planned 16 miler and will give it another two days before I run again. where I am down for a seven mile run with sprints. Already I am thinking no sprints and hopefully my leg will have recovered enough to cover the seven miles.

In other news its the Chircago marathon today and if your reading this before its all over, you can watch it live at :


I have added a new literature review to my blog here :


Its the one about the Running with the Kenyans book

And Running Addicts have posted this interesting read 26 Beers to 26 Miles


Reminds me in some ways of Andy Holgate and is well worth a read




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