Dublin Marathon 2013 – Second Run Since Injury – Preview


 Days to go!!!

So tonight i am going to attempt my second run since the thigh strain appeared. My leg hasn’t felt sore since Sunday but sticking with my be sensible plan the sprints which i am supposed to run along side 7 miles or normal running have been dropped.

I am also going to do my run in stages…..ok a bit crazy i know but Ive decided i don’t want to be too far away from home should the issue flare up again.

So stage 1 : run this two mile route :


Then stage 2, if nothing has flared up, run this 3 mile route :


And finally stage 3, if still no pain has been felt , re-run stage 1.

If i get through all of that i would of covered my seven miles and i will be very very happy and maybe even a little dizzy!!

At the moment, considering the pain re-occurred after 2 miles on Saturday, i think getting through the first two miles will be fantastic and then if i make it though another 3 i will really pleased and then the final two would be a bonus.

Lets keep our fingers crossed!!

I am going to experiment tonight, i am going to try dynamic warm up/stretches. I have read a lot about these of late and it would appear that they lessen your chances of injury and are far better for you than static stretching…..which is what Ive been going.

I have managed to collect a couple of sites up on them to share with you all and here they are :





In other news the Guardian have posted up this video which is connected to the book Running with the Kenyans and is well worth watching, particularly if you’ve some interest in bare foot running and what it is that makes Kenyan runners so special.


And there is a guy going around the world attempting to run something like 160 marathons in a year!!! Pretty amazing stuff, check him out :





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