Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 70 – A Pain Free Run

Image12 Days to go!!!

So last night, i went for a very strange and broken up run. I was scheduled for a 7 miler with 8*100m strides. However, having been dealing with a thigh strain issue, i decided to drop the strides.

The run itself, i broke up into sections , as i decided i didn’t want to be too far from home, should my thigh strain issue re-occur.

My plan was to run this 2 miler :


And then if i got around pain free, run this 3 miler :


And again, if i made it around that pain free i was to return and run the first 2 miler again.

As it happened i got around the first 2 milers fairly easily in about 15:44 despite not pushing things and without any pain, so i went off and ran the 3 miles , returning to the start point at around 41:14 minutes, again pain free!! So i took myself off and did the 2 miler route once more , returning home in 56:49 which works out at around 08:06 pace and i wasn’t actually pushing myself. But i guess the route was very flat.

So i got home and i felt as elated as Mo Farah on winning the 5000 m at London 2012, just without the medal, prize money or international recognition……but i was so pleased to have got through the whole 7 miles issue free and at fairly decent pace desire not feeling like id pushed myself.

So there is only one thing for it ……….

ImageFingers crossed, touch wood!!!

So tonight i am down for 8 miles with 3 * 1,600 metre strides , however i am going to stick to the sensible path and leave out the strides , simply running the eight miles. I dont want to risk the injury reappearing, this a be the first time ive run two days in a row for a week after all.

So the route, well ive decided to be a little more adventurous than last night and have mapped this out :


 Its got a few cheeky climbs in it, but if i don’t push things too hard hopefully i get around again pain free and this happens then i know i am back!!

In other news, i tried out the dynamic stretches last night, using the work out listed by this Runners World
article :


And shown in this video

I also found this page of use :


It was strange not doing my usual pre-run stretches but these moves certainly did warm me up!!! On the run i felt looser and more ready for a run than normal , although my hamstrings did feel tighter than normal….but this could be down to another issue than the dynamic warm ups. I think, after last night, i am going to continue for now with the dynamic warm ups and give them a proper try out for the rest of the week and then make my mind up if im a full convert or not.

Here’s your chance to win a place at the Reading Half Marathon :


And gadget watch; these sports bands seem really interesting. Has has any one got one ?





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