Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 71 – The 8 Miles Butterfly

ImageJust 10 days to go now……..can you workou the obvious picture link ?

So Wednesday night was my 8 mile run and first time in a week id run back to back.

I picked this sort of butterfly shaped route :


It has a few tasty inclines and drops in it, but i managed to get around in one piece and again pain free!!! Getting around in about 1hr09mins.

So pleased am i , that Ive decided to re-introduce the speed work and complete tonight’s full schedule of 5 miles with 6 * 100 metre strides.

Ive chosen this tough five mile route :


And i’ll once again make use of Higher Walton Road for my sprints as its too dark to get down to the bridge over the river.


In other news, i was surprised to see that for Saturday I am down for either a rest day or cross training……..i cannot remember the last time i had that option on a Saturday!! For Sunday i am toying with the idea of running last weekends 16 miler that i missed. I am down for 12 miles and that is probably what i should run……but i am tempted to recover some lost milage and use the fact that the marathon is on a Monday, giving me an extra days rests…….hmmmm i should be sensible but i am just not sure i will be!!

Richard Whitehead won Paralympic athlete of the year :


And Running.Competitor.com have posted up an article about key core exercises for runners which is an interesting read.






2 thoughts on “Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 71 – The 8 Miles Butterfly

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’re leg is feeling better! I actually missed that same exact 16-miler for my last marathon due to a sore inner ankle tendon. I followed the standard advice to not try to make up missed runs and did the final 12 miler as scheduled. I did fine at the marathon. Of course, everyone is different! (Btw, I’m enjoying the links you’re posting in your blog.)

    • Hey Shangrilolly, nice to hear from you and thanks for sharing your experience with me. I bet you were tempted to run the 16 too hey!!

      I know i should just run the 12 and i am probably ready to 26.2 but you know how it is. Saying that i did say to myself if at least one person comments that i shouldn’t do the 16 then i wont do he he

      Glad your enjoying the links, i dont often have time to do in-depth posts and i cant imagine people want every post to be in-depth , so the links give me something else to talk about and share with my fellow runners.

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