Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 72 – Return of the Sprints


9 Days to go!!!!!

So last night was session 72 , 5 miles with 6 * 100 metre sprints, which would be the first sprint session since last weeks thigh strain incident.

I picked this five mile route :


Stopping off along the way to do this sprint work out :


I decided to do all the sprints on the gradual incline upwards , just to make them that bit harder and each time jogging back down to the start.

I have to admit I was very cautious doing these sprints and didn’t really get up to full speed, but that’s probably a good thing. I recorded these times , which are each a good 5 – 10 seconds slower than the last time I did 100 metre sprints

1 – 25:81

2- 24:42

3- 21:34

4- 22:41

5- 21:50

6- 20:10

As for the 5 miles, it went well, I didn’t have any issues with that , getting around in 44:07 , which is quite a slow pace for me but I didn’t want to be working myself too hard , as it was my first sprint session since I picked up that injury and its getting very close to the big day!!

Tomorrow I have decided after advice from fellow blogger shangrilolly , to run the planned 12 mile and not try and make up for last weeks lost mileage. I have not picked a route yet , but I will practices my pacing I know that. I am thinking 6 miles at 8.20 pace and six at 8.00 pace.




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