Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 73 Review – The last double Digit Run

Image7 Days to go!!!

So Sunday was my final double digits run, covering 12 miles. I went with this route :


And i planned to run the first 6 at 8.20 mins per mile and the final 6 at 8 mins per mile. However, i think i got a bit carried away and by the four mile point i was 3 minutes ahead of time and despite slowing down before each of the next two mile markers at the six mile point, i kept finding myself four minutes ahead.

However, I maintained this pace , as i figured with the second half of the run due to be run 20 seconds per mile quicker , it might even itself out. Sure enough, by the time id reached the summit of the steep 150ft climb at mile 11, i was right back on time with just eight minutes to cover the last mile. Reaching home in 1hr38mins13secs, i was 13 seconds off my planned finish but i was happy, the run went well and i coped easily with moving up from 8.20 to 8 min miles, all be it mainly due to the fact i had given myself a good ahead start.


In other news; Gemma Steel was very impressive in the Great Birmingham Run :


Its worth watching this race if you can find it somewhere online, perhaps 5 on demand might have it?!?? She was really good from start to finish and the mens race was also very interesting with Chris Thompson and Abdi Abdirahman fighting a very close battle for 2nd place.

Active.Com have posted an interesting read on recovery drinks :


At the beginning of my training for Dublin i was making my own milk shakes with fresh fruit (Which were really nice!!), but as the race has drawn nearer Ive moved up to the more scientific drinks and am currently working my way through a batch of SIS REGO Rapid Recovery Drink :


And here is a chance to win a strange light come alarm clock thingy. Ive entered it looks interesting (honest) :






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