Dublin Marathon 2013 – The Final Count Down!!!

final count downJust six days left!!

I have covered an astonishing 671.5 miles and now there is just 22 miles of training left now, it feels unreal how close it is now. When I think back to June and how far away it all seemed and how daunting it was to be moving up to doing 45-55 miles each week!!

So you know how far along I’ve come, during this18 week training plan I have run more miles than I ran in each of years from 2006-2011!! Crazy times!!

Its not over though, so no reminiscing just yet!! There is the matter of the final training week to get through and it is set out as follows :

Monday : Cross Training / Rest

Tuesday : Recovery 6 miles

Wednesday : 7 miles with 2 miles at marathon pace

Thursday : Cross Training / Rest

Friday : 5 Miles with 6*100 M

Saturday : 4 Miles

Already I am thinking Saturdays run might not happen , what with traveling to Dublin that day….but I guess it wont make much of a difference. I will just have to make sure I cover all my other miles.

So tonight  is the first of the last training , six miles and Ive decided to go with this hilly out and back run  :


It should prove a good work out, even though its meant to be a recovery run. That said the hills are not too prolong and it will do me some good.

In other news; Here’s your chance to win a place in the 2014 London Marathon :


Or if you’d rather; he’s a chance to win some sport beans , note these are the ones i tested out during my training and flavor wise they are great and they do give you a little boost fairly  immediately :


The Guardian have published and interview with ultra runner Scott Juerk and reading it, id agree i don’t want to stop running either!!


The race is so close now that i am already thinking about packing, what the weather will be like and Ive changed my front page banner to a picture of the start of the Dublin marathon from last year. I am getting that excited nervous feeling that can only mean a big event is around the corner!!

I have also been studying the course map and seeing that there is only two gel stops, i am going to have to bring my own. Time to shop!!


Not long now!!!




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