Dublin Marathon – Session 74 – Another Six Miles

Image5 Days to go!!!

Another six miles were ticket off last night as i ran this hilly out and back again route :


Getting around the route in 49:41, just under 8.20 pace, i didn’t struggle at all which is good and i tested out eating a SIS Go Energy Bar on the go. I decided to test this out as i was hungry when i set off and i am thinking about, what if hunger strikes! during the marathon? Its not happened to me before during a marathon race situation……….but you never know. I ate after the 3 mile turn around point and I found it slowed me down some what, but it certainly dealt with the hunger. I will try it out again tonight, but this time i am going to open the wrapper before i set off, as i found opening it whilst running a bit of a hassle.

So tonight, is 7 miles with 2 miles at marathon pace and and after last nights hill practice, tonight i am going to have one final run out on a long drawn out incline :


It should prove a good work out esp with a tough climb right at the end.

In other news; Athletics Weekly have posted two interesting article, one which adds further debate on the sub2 marathon. Which they think will happen and i agree with them. :


The other article asks, do you need a running coach ?


Obviously the vast majority of runners are amateur runners , who are self trained and who are achieving improvements and P.Bs all the time, so i guess maybe they don’t. And this is further backed up by the likes of the great Ron Hill and up and coming athlete Aly Dixon.

The Yorkshire Marathon, sounds like it is one heck of a good race to do :


And further weight to what a great event this was comes from my fellow blogger TinyRunner85 :


Runners world are asking people what do they do , to boost flexibility and i voted for foam roller, which at the time of my vote has received 17% of the vote :


ImageAnd finally, i canvased around on twitter for some last minute words of wisdom and i got some good feed back :

ImageRight back to work!!




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