Dublin Marathon – The Penultimate Training Run

4Just 4 seemingly longer than normal days to go!!!

So last night was the penultimate training run, a seven miler with the last two miles to be run at 8 mile pace :

I picked out this route, as i wanted one last training run on a long incline :


And as predicted in my previous post it was tough going, esp with the final hill climb. I got to the 5 mile point, at 42:27 which was a bit off 8.20 pace, some that was down to the long incline, some of it down to testing easting an SIS Go bar on the move again (See previous post) Ive decided these slow me down too much. So i will eat one at the start line rather than during the race.

As for the final two miles,  i didn’t quite manage to get home at 8 mins per mile pace , which would of seen me return home on 58:27. Instead making it back at 59:07 , i dont think i reached the final hill climb in enough time as my watched read 57:14 as i began my approach to it…..still i enjoyed the challenge and it was a good workout.

My next run isnt until tomorrow where I’ll be running 5 miles with 6*100 metres and i haven’t decided on a route yet. As i am still thinking about whether or not to work from home. If i work from home, i’ll have plenty more time to prepare for traveling to Dublin……hmmmm tough one!!

In other news Runners World have released two interesting articles one on over training Which i would say is fairly common in running, ive lost track of how many people have told me they do a race every week!! I think its a good article and i recommend reading it.:


And other article is in response to a readers letter, asking if they have reached a running plateau


With this one, i know where they are coming from. A few years back, when i was mostly just running 10ks and only training a few times a week. I got into a ruck where i couldnt beat my PB time, no matter how hard i ran in the races. It was obvious what the solution was, improved training and its been the same with my marathons and whilst ive yet to replicate the sort of times i get at the half marathon distance, i am hopeful that this time around i will get very close to that magic 3.30 time.




6 thoughts on “Dublin Marathon – The Penultimate Training Run

    • I do…..but i don’t know it off the top of my head. Will get it in tomorrows post as that will probably be my last post till after the race :$

      Whats next years big event for you then or are you still deciding ?

      • Still deciding yet but my next marathon will probably be 2015 and I’ll use my GFA for London. Want to get speedier at the shorter distances before I try another marathon.

      • Fair enough. Im trying to do one a year myself.

        Do Freckleton HM next year if youve time. Its the 50th race anniversary , should be a good one – bring your team down for it. Your all love it!!

      • Thanks for that, will definitely have a look into that race. If I don’t get chance to ‘speak’ to you over the weekend, I wish you the very best of luck for Monday. You’ve worked hard and done the training, now go and reap the rewards!

      • Thank you. I’ll be my best. It looks like the weather isn’t going to be great but not quite Preston Guild standards. Im number 1276 🙂

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