Dublin Marathon 2013 – Here I come!!!

Watching this video of last year races certainly gets you pumped up!!

My final training run, was completed this afternoon and in some ways it reminded me of my final run before the Preston marathon, well the second half of it did.

I ran this five mile route :


And I used my old favourite 100 metre dash course, as I could…..with it being bright and sunny and because it is perfect for doing speed work on, well as perfect as you can get outside of a track I guess…..and on a disused rail bridge….


I got to the stride point in 16:32 which works out at around 08:15 per mile, a tad faster than I planned but only a tad.

The strides went much better than the last lot, with me recording these times :

1 – 19:90

2- 19:40

3- 17:62

4- 19:87

5- 17:48

6- 17:31

I was quite pleased the last one was my quickest as that’s always my aim, finish strong

I then completed the 3.4 mile run home in 30:46 , meaning I completed the whole 5.4 miles, as it turned out to be, in 47:18 which works out at 8:46 pace. The reason why the second half of the run was so much slower, was because I decided I didn’t care about the time and I was enjoying running in the warm sun. Especially , as I wont get to do that much more, if at all again, until the spring. And that’s why the run left like my final run of my last marathon training programme, as I didn’t care about the time, there was no pressure to meet any targets it was the last run. Apart from the speed work, I wasn’t going to achieve anything and you know what sometimes it is nice to have runs like that, with the weight off your shoulders running purely for the pleasure. It was a nice way to end the training.

So that’s it no more training……690.09 miles covered just 26.2 more to go!! Ek!! Monday morning at 0900 in Dublin I will cross the line and take on this route :

Its going to be tough, there will be times when I will want to stop and there will be times when I will doubt myself, but then there will be the one time when I cross the finish line of the Dublin marathon. The feeling of completing a marathon is like no other race experience. Its hard to describe, its a feeling of joy, relief and pride. I cant wait to have it!!

I fly out real early so, this will be my last post. I’ll pop on later tonight to see if there are any comments to respond to but that’s it, its time pay for the all hours ive put in all the things ive scarified and to give my all. I want to at least get sub 3.40. I will be disappointed if I don’t get that. It means taking 8 minutes off my marathon PB but I think I can do it esp as ive trained harder than ive ever trained before. Granted cross training barely happened but running happened big time!! Ive never run so many miles in preparation before and hopefully it will pay off.

I want to thank you all for reading, I didn’t expect any one to read this blog I thought it was more just going to be me learning on my own. But a few people have expressed enjoyment of some of the posts and links I’ve put up and you’ve all kept coming back and that’s been a little motivation for me to train not just hard, but smart and that’s what this blog has all been about. Improving my training and understanding of running and now its time to put it to practice.

I will be back next week to give you all a full report of not just the race but the next few days, take care all.




Oh P.s im runner 1276, if your running or watching in Dublin do say hello


22 thoughts on “Dublin Marathon 2013 – Here I come!!!

  1. Have a great race!!! I have no doubt you’ll do great. I can’t wait to read your post-race report. I’ll send positive running vibes from across the Atlantic on Monday! I’ll be asleep . . . but I’ll make sure to do it before bedtime Sunday night 🙂

    • Thanks Shagnrilolly, they must of worked as i got around in 3:31:33!!! – Im very pleased about this!!

      Working on a race post, hopefully i’ll have it up soon!!!

      • Congratulations!!! That’s an awesome time! Impressive! Enjoy the post-race recovery, you deserve it 🙂

      • Thanks!! My left hamstring seems to have suffered the most from it all. But will return to running today I think with a gentle jog.

        And thanks again 🙂

  2. I’m sure you’ll have a great run, you’ve put the training in so as you said now the weights off your shoulders, in Dublin when it starts to hurt, remember that feeling of Enjoying running and feel your spring in your step! Best of luck, Kevin.

  3. Congratulations! I’ve been following the runners world forum, and have really enjoyed your blog as a way to keep motivated through the training. I came in only a few seconds before you at 3.31.27, so we probably passed each other in the finish line funnel! Hope you enjoyed the day – I thought it was fantastic.

    • Cool!! Well done Scoopy and thanks for your kind comments. How funny that we finished so close to each other.

      I am writing a race report post but it a be a longer one than normal as taking into account the days before hand. So keep watching, it a be up by Friday im sure.

      And well done on your fantastic time, i bet like me your now thinking sub 330 next time !!!

  4. Hey thanks for your great blog. I followed it from time to time excited to do my first marathon in Dublin. Unfortunately my time was far from what I expected (4:41) Doing 1/2 in 1:55 I didn´t expect to be that far. For my next marathon in Paris I´ll try to achieve a more reasonable goal…under 4:30.
    However I forgot the bad moments passed during the race and have only great memories….specially the breathtaking support in the center of Dublin at the end. Runners memory can be very selective.
    I was sorry to hear a while ago the runners passing…RIP. He was a experienced one.
    So, I´ll be waiting for your last entry.
    César (Madrid)

    • Hi Cesar thanks for your message and don’t worry about your time. My first marathon also went wrong, I expect around 340 and got 4:13!!

      I found that the reason for this, was that I hadn’t been doing enough miles or any speed work.

      I have found the Advanced Marathoning book by Pete Pfitzinger & Scott Douglas has really changed things for me. I recommend you buy it. And don’t worry we all dwell on the bad times, it helps us to do better next time.

      Who is the runner that has died ?

      Also I am working on my post-race post it should be out by Friday thanks. Its mostly complete.

      And will be interesting to know how you get on in Paris, its one of the marathons I want to do.

      Keep Running and don’t let it get you down to much, your be back stronger.

      Again thanks for enjoying my blog, I hope it helped a little. 🙂

  5. Looked for the book, but sadly it is available only in English version….and my English is bit poor to understand technical expressions that most likely will use. Anyway, thanks for advice.
    No, Im not down at all. The feeling I had when crossing the line, however, was far from the euphoria I believed I´d had. I was so bothered with my performance!
    Next day I could only think of improving it for Paris.

    • Well youve done something most people cant do, so you cant be proud of that. Sorry to hear the book doesn’t come in Spanish.

      Paris will be amazing i bet!!

      What kind of training plan did you use this time around ?

      • Asics online plan…a very basic one, I guess.
        The main problem I encountered (and I wont repeat it) is training a marathon for Fall. It is not nice to wake up at 6 AM in July-August and run already at a 20º celsius. I want to go back to Dublin marathon some day, but I don´t want to train another marathon in the Spanish summer.
        I will use a different plan this time and add hill and speed work.

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