Mesocycle 5 – Recovery

Mesocycle 5So with the Marathon behind me and mesocycle 5 began in earnest last Friday, although saying that. The marathon is still very much a fresh memory not just because im still feeling a little tight it the left hamstring but because the majority of people on the Dublin Marathon forum achieved what they wanted on the day, which is great news :

Also ive proudly hung my marathon medal up on the mantle piece and many a glance is still shot its way. I still so pleased with how i did and i expect that whilst i work my way through this final phase of the training plan that Dublin will be fresh on my mind.

So mesocycle five, this is the first time ive ever done a training plan which has included several weeks of training after the event. It is a recovery period and the idea is that you follow it to aid your recovery from the marathon, with mesocycle five keeping the millage low and keeping you from entering races. As your body will remain fragile and at risk of injury for up to a month after your marathon event and I do actually have some personal experience of this. 3-4 weeks after i ran the Edinburgh marathon i took part in a 10k run. It was a race, that i had wanted to enter for sometime and i was really looking forward to it. However, after about 4 miles my knee went and i spent the next few months recovering, with a couple of weeks spent unable to run further than 2 miles a time. I had runners knee, a classic over use injury, so Ive learn from this experience.

A couple on interesting articles on this subject can be found here :

Last Friday was my first run out since the marathon and i took on this 4 mile route :

And i found my self quite stiff and my left hamstring was very sore if i did anything other than plod around. Completing the run in 37:38.

Then on Sunday morning, i went out for this five miler :

I compete this run in 49 minutes on the dot and whilst i was still a little looser, my left hamstring was still a bit sore whenever i upped the pace too much.

This morning my hamstring felt a lot better on the walk into work, but if decided i will continue with my plodding around until i can run completely free, no stiffness and no pain. I am not going to loose anything by doing this and hopefully i will avoid another big time injury.

So this week Ive got to run a 5 mile recovery run on both Tuesday and Wednesday , followed by a 6 miler on the Friday and finishing off with 7 miles on Sunday. All the runs are down as recovery runs, so there will be no pressure on me to do anything other than cover the required millage which is quite good.

Finally, here’s the official video from Dublin, if your interested :



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