Mesocycle 5 – Week 2 Over

ImageOn this day day in the year 2000 the amazing Paul Radcliffe won her first ever senior world title, she went on to win the London and New York Marathons 3 times each and is the current women’s world record holder over the distance with a time of 2:15:25. Fantastic stuff!!

So last week i completed the second week of mesocycle 5, which is a recovery period after running the Dublin marathon

The weeks running began on the Tuesday November 5th, which was bonfire night and i think given the night it was, this lead me to run the five miles i was down for much quicker than i should of, given that i was still suffering from a sore hamstring, covering the distance in 42:43. I paid for this the next day as my hamstring issue flared up and i decided to propose that nights running until the next day.

Returning to running on the Thursday , i moved to back taking it easy with the Kenyan training ploy of running how you feel, i got around the run in 41:49 after a mix of speeding up and slowing down and while it was faster than Tuesdays run, or whatever reason my hamstring was ok and it didn’t flare up again.

For both these five mile run outs, i did this route running it both clock wise and anti-clock wise, just to keep things interesting.

For Fridays run i was down for six miles which would be the first increase in mileage since this recovery period started and again i continued to take it easy. My hamstring was still stiff and that was evident when i did my dynamic warm up before. But it wasn’t bothering me as it was the previous week. I completed the run in 50:43 and i took advantage of working from home to get out during the day which was nice as with winter comes shorter days and i’ll be spending most of my runs from now on in the dark, so i’ll take any day time opportunity i can.

In the news that day, was this incident, which occurred on my running route :

So i kept my eye out for any one matching the suspect but the only thing i saw of note was a  squished hedgehog. If you live in the Preston or South Ribble area , please read the article for your own good. Or if you know anyone from those areas please share it with them.

And finally on the Sunday , i was down for seven miles, another step up in distance. I decided to take this route on :

Which whilst it was a tough finish is a fairly easy run out , so i was being a little kind on myself completing the run in 01:02:22

And that was recovery week two and i now move into week 3 which looks like this :

Monday – Rest / Cross Train

Tuesday – 5 Mile recovery

Wednesday – 5 Mile recovery

Thursday – Rest or Cross Train

Friday – 7 Miles with 8*100m

Saturday – Rest or Cross Train

Sunday – 9 Miles


At the moment i am thinking if my hamstring issue is still about on Thursday then i will skip the speed week, it did actually flare up against yesterday, which i put down to over doing it on the WII Sports!!

In other news; a 14 year old has completed 7 marathons on 7 continents

Which is an amazing feat and she must have wealthy backers!! Also i think she is a bit young for running the distances but reading the article it seems she has had a life time of sports already, having been a triathlete at 5!!! and she has a better marathon PB than me, so err hats off to the young thing.





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