Mesocycle 5 – Week 3

rundownhillSo another week of recovery running was ticket off and it was the week the weather finally turned to autumn with Wednesday’s 5 miler being run entirely in drizzle, fun times indeed. Still i guess its still a novel change from the normal at the moment but in a month or so i’ll probably be bored of cold, wet windy conditions and longing for the return of spring/summer.

Additionally, the week hadn’t started well as on the Tuesday i returned home from work to find id left my keys at the office and here is were walking to and from work falls down as i had to turn around and walk the 2 miles back, in the dark. I wasn’t too pleased, i did consider skipping my running and considering the extra walk to and from work enough of a work out for that day. However, i decided id be disappointed with myself if i did that so i got myself out there and i completed the run in 42:54 which works out at 8:35 pace.

Wednesday was the day of the drizzle, so two miserable days in a row but as i was again to run five miles it saved me having to learn a new route and i simply used the same course from Tuesday but running it in reverse to keep things interesting , completing it slightly quicker than i did on Tuesday in 42:28.

This was the 5 mile route i used for both of these runs :

On the Friday i was down for a 7 mile run and I was late back from work so i picked out a nice and easy out and back route :

I had to rush this route as the in-law were due to a visit but i found myself easing off over the last couple of miles as the marathon rust set in, completing the run in 1:02:36 which works out as 8:57 pace.

On Saturday i ran 9 miles my longest run since the marathon and my dad came long with me, although he didnt make the nine miles turning around just before the five mile point and turning off, after id caught him up just after the seven mile point.

Again i found myself easing off a little towards the end of this run coming home in 1:28:11, which works out at 9:23 pace. But i put some of this down to running with my dad allowing him to set the pace for the parts he joined me on.

In other news downhill running, which isn’t as easy as it sounds and in this article from Athletics Weekly , it describes how balance is key and that UK runners should take advantage of wet or icy conditions to work on their downhill skills and provides some handy outworks.

And here are some other interesting links of downhill running :

Ive not read all of these in full as of yet but my own view is that you lean forward slightly from the hip upwards and shorten your stride

On to week 4 of the recovery plan, where i down to do the following :

Tuesday : 7 Miles General Aerobic

Wednesday : 5 Mile recovery

Thursday : Rest or Cross Train

Friday : 8 Miles General Aerobic with 8*100 metres strides

Saturday : Rest or Cross Train

Sunday : 10 Miles

i think i will keep to the running how i feel system as I’m enjoying not having any targets but i will give the speed work ago this week. I think the hamstring issue is slowly but surely on its way out, which is good news and i don’t want to start loosing my pace.




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