Mesocycle 5 – Week 4



Week four started with seven miles last Tuesday and just to be different it was a frosty one with one or two moments were a little slip of the foot could of spelt disaster. But luckily i this didn’t happen.

That said after several sessions of taking it easy i decided to work a bit harder , although cold helped a little with that and whilst there were moments of easing off towards the end i came home in 58:27 which works out at around 8:21 pace. A much better performance / worker out and perhaps a sign im ready to move on from Dublin.

Additionally to combat the cold a little, i tried a trick i learned last winter where i filled my drinks bottle with hot water. This gave me something warm to hold on to and also ensured my water didn’t become too cold to drink. And if your wondering how long it stayed warm and the answer is about 10 minutes by which time my body had warmed up quite a bit from the running and by the time i needed a drink it had cooled down enough for it to be pleasant enough to drink. So i’d say this was worth a try next time your own on a cold evening/morning run, oh and hot water from the tap will be enough.

Wednesday’s 5 miles run was hampered by the fact my stiff hamstring had returned, perhaps last night was to soon to be pushing things. On the plus the air was a lot warmer than the previous night so i was back running in a t-shirt and shorts. I go off the idea, which i read somewhere once time, that your body temperature can raise by about as much as 10 degrees when running, so dress for that temperature rather than the weather report.

I completed the 5 miles in 40:48, which again is quicker than i have been covering that distance of late, despite the stiff hamstring.

On Friday I took advantage of working from home to run a more scenic route getting out for a mid afternoon run. i also decided it was time to attempt some strides on my old striding bridge

Of the 8 strides i was down for, I only managed 4 as it was pretty clear on the very first one that my hamstring was still very sore and sure enough the next morning there was a bit of a intermittent pain in it. Which prompted me to decided not to run at the weekend. This was a bit annoying and frustrating as I was really looking forward to the 10 mile run, which would be another step up after the marathon. But even though I probably could of run it, I decided to give the hamstring a rest, the return to speed was obviously too soon for it and skipping the run wouldn’t have too much of an impact on things.

Going back to the eight mile run, this was completed in 01:08:04, which works out at 8:30 pace, so it was a good work out for me, although the strides were quite a bit slower than I am capable of :

1 – 23:24

2 – 21:55

3 – 20:15

4 – 20:55

So on to week five , the final week of mesocycle 5 and fingers crossed by the end of it, i will be back running freely no stresses no strains……we will see.

The plan for this week is as follows :

Monday – Rest/Cross Train

Tuesday – 7 Miles Aerobic

Wednesday – 5 Mile Recovery

Thursday – Rest/Cross Train

Friday – 8 Miles Aerobic + 8*100 M strides

Saturday – 4 Miles Recovery

Sunday – 11 Miles Medium Long Run

In other news studys have snow children are running slower than their parents

I hope thats not true and i guess lot of it will be down to children’s lifestyles. When i was younger, we mostly cycled about or played football. nowadays days its computers and obesity, ok not all kids are obesity but its a major problem in the developed world. Sad times.

Also i’ve discovered the town of my birth place , Portsmouth, has its own marathon. And it seems a pretty unique one. Should i add it to my marathon wish list……hmmmm




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