Dublin 2013 – Its all over


This great man died last night, so I thought id give him what little a tribute I could possibly organise by myself and have him as my post picture. Also here is a great quote from him which as runners we can all make use of :

It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
Although my personal favorite of his, which has been stored on my phone a number of years now is  :
A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.
Nelson Mandela
Soooooooooo on to the running!!
And well Saturday brought an end to Mesocycle 5 and an end to the Dublin marathon, there are no more scheduled runs.
So how did the final recovery week go, quite well actually, I seem to be running with a lot more ease and freedom now, my niggling hamstring is still about, if I try and over stretch or push my pace too hard but its feeling like its on its way out.
I completed four of the five runs I was down for, skipping one as a friend who had moved away from Preston some years back returned for the weekend and well sometimes life comes first.
On the Tuesday November 26th I ran 7 miles in 58:38 , which is the second fast time ive recorded for that distance since Dublin.  Conditions wise, the temperature has heated up a few degrees this week and its back onto running in shorts and t-shirts.
Wednesday was five mile recovery run which I ran in 39:42, as I was feeling particularly good and when your feeling good and you’ve set yourself no time target you end up pushing yourself a little harder than you should, as 39:42 works out at 07:56 pace and I know that my recovery runs should really be run at 8:20 pace. This was also the fastest time ive covered 5 miles since Dublin and a world away from that very first recovery 5 mile, I took on just a few days after the marathon, which took me 49:06 to complete. So big difference there.
Then on the Friday came an 8 mile run with sprints and again I didn’t do all the planned sprints to spare my hamstring a little, but I did get in six reps. which is a good steady improvement , recording these times :
1 – 17:56
2 – 18:57
3 – 18:83
4 – 22:15
5 – 19:94
6 – 18:91
With the 8 mile run, this was completed in 1:10:33, so not great but after the sprints it was slow going!!
And finally on the Saturday, i ran 11 miles and it doesn’t get any easier running the day after a sprint a session!! And i completed this in 1:40:08.
And that was it, Dublin was signed off, its history my greatest marathon achievement is now just memories. Which is a shame but in another way, its good as it means i can now start to think about the next target…..
What did i learn from Dublin, well i learned the importance of having a pace plan on all your runs, that your midweek runs of 5 – 14 miles are the most important ones, i learned that a long run isn’t a long run, unless its over 14 miles long!!! (Something i didn’t enjoy learning at the time), i learned blogging and forums are a great way to learn from not just yourself and the various running websites, but also from other runners who just like you have a life and a job and are trying to fit in being the best runner they can be within the little free time they have.
Along the way i meet Olympic Gold medal winner Richard Whitehead and common man Iron man inspiration Andy Holgate. People who have over come obsolesces greater than having to balance life and running to become a world champion in one case and in the case of the other a campaigner to get people off the sofa and to make a change in their life before its too late.
And what i continue to learn is that the running community is a great one to be apart of and finally i leaned that the Dublin marathon is a fantastic event well worth running.
So what i have been doing since. well i ran 5 miles on the Tuesday and 7 on Wednesday of this week. Today i am hoping to get in another 7 and at the weekend i am thinking I’ll put in 14 miles and then i need to work on a custom running plan, which i will run until its time to prepare for my next big event. Which i think i know what it will be……but i am just waiting to sign up to it.
In other news, a tidal surge is currently causing havoc in Britain and this was the scene down by the Preston ParkRun start line yesterday afternoon.
IMG-20131205-00008 So we might end up swimming the first few metres of the run!!

4 thoughts on “Dublin 2013 – Its all over

  1. Hi simon hooe your well?
    Just finished reading your latest blog and like yourself im thinking of putting togather a structured plan to get me through the next 8-10 weeks until i start getting prepared for my first event of next year a 10k on 1st march..
    Not long in from an 8 mile lactose run.
    Last week i just done a 7 miler on tuesday followed by a 5k local parkrun event on saturday past and week before that i put in 3×8 milers.
    From now till the new year i think ill stick with general areobic paced runs which for me is around a 8.00 pace.as im having a slight dull ache on front of kneecap last few runs.my body is probably telling me to take it a bit easier so might take a week off running during christmas week.as a matter of interest to you i have roughly worked out that my VO2 max pace is around 6.55 lactose thresold around 7.25 GA around 8.00-8.05 pace and my faster long run around 8.35 pace and slower end long run around the 9.00 pace but all subject to change come next june when i start the pfitzinger 18-55 plan…

    • yes i imagine you will improve over the course of the 18-55 plan.

      I have a few niggles here and there too and like you wondering if its due to the marathon. I will probably miss a few sessions over the next couple of weeks with xmas (And yes it will probably do me good) and hopefully i will have put together a plan to keep me going soon….

      Hamstring still not 100% but i think im over the worse of the marathons impact now.

  2. Hi Simon, I’ve just been running in a fairly ad-hoc way since Dublin, with runs at largely the same pace and same difference, on the same routes, without much focus so will be very interested to see your custom plan.

    • Thanks scoopy, i will post it up this weekend, Been very busy of late. But ive now planned out a five week cycle using a couple of different sources and it should keep be of use.

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