Moving on


With work and Christmas I haven’t had as much time as I would of liked to, to up date my blog plus with no big event to plan for, I guess I haven’t got anything that interesting to write about. I have still been running, although maybe not as much as when I was in training for Dublin. However, I finally finished my new five week plan, I intend to do in a loop until the training for my next big event begins and here it is :

teh new planIn other news I made a return to ParkRun on Saturday which officially ends all the Dublin stuff id say. It went well, well apart from that fact i was late leaving the house and had to cover the 2 miles to the event in 12:45!! so i took it easy on the first lap covering it in 07:30 before speeding up over the final two laps to finish the event in 21:16, which breaks my run of sub21 ParkRuns but im still content with it, as i wasn’t going for a fast time.

And next up the Boxing day 10k in Leyland, i cant wait. My first race since Dublin and my first ever Boxing day race. It should be good fun.

Merry Christmas all!!







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