Sayonara 2013

Image2013 comes to an end and what a great year i had running wise. It started out with a 5 mile run on January 5th and ended with an 8 mile run including hill repeats on December 30th. I covered a total of 1409 mile enough miles to take me from my house in Preston northern England down to the southern Italian town of Simeri Crich (As the crow flies) which would be quite some run! A 1000 more miles would of got me to Egypt mind you!

It was also by far the most miles ive run in a single year :

ImageWhat was the result of this step up in miles, well of the 8 races i ran in 2013 i twice broke my 10K PB taking it from 42:58 down to 39:55, i twice broke my half marathon PB reducing it from 1:35:00 to 1:32:58, i broke my 10 mile PB taking it from 1:12:24 down to 1:11:27 and smashed my marathon PB slashing it from 3:48:18 to 3:31:33. I also achieved what would be a 5k PB in the Preston park run, running it in 19:35, my race 5k PB is 20:01.

I wouldn’t most of this down to not just running more miles, but training smarter. The book Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas became my bible as i prepared to run my fourth marathon. I launched this blog and interacted with runners from all over the world learning from them and sharing my thoughts with them. I realised the importance of cutting out junk miles and i got to meet Olympian Richard Whitehead and author Andy Holgate for a bit of inspiration.

I am not sure how i can top some of those things in 2014, the bar has been set high milage wise and of my dream to run a sub20 5k, a sub40 10k , a sub 1:30 half marathon and a sub 3:30 marathon i have almost ticket all those boxes off. I want to try and do more races 8 in one year isn’t even one a month afterall, although i did complete 8 park runs this year, so that’s good going but im some way off joining the 50 Runs club.

I need a major marathon event for next year to a) continue with my a marathon a year plan and b) edge closer to my dream of running the major marathon in each of the counties that make up the British Isles. So far ive done Scotland, England and the Rep. of Ireland which just leaves me with N. Ireland and Wales to go.

But first up is the Inskip Half Marathon on January 19th and in the mean time ive developed the below training plan to keep me focused and keep me ready for my next lot of marathon training to begin, whenever that might be.

teh new planIn other news look what these guys did : Running everyday





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