Jantastic 2014

ImageWell ive found something to keep me focused ahead of my next marathon challenge and its called Jantastic. 

Its not too late to sign up if you want too and there are prizes on offer, including a VIP place at the London marathon. How Jantastic works is, its a three month programme where you set yourself targets to complete and you get points for completing them. You can find out more here :


My first months target is 5 runs a week, so that should keep going and i went out and completed the first run last night, which was the first run of week 2 of my custom training plan i posted up recently. A nine miler with 5 miles at HM pace.

I picked this this route : http://www.runningahead.com/maps/3c11ff5cb30c484ea1154135d794de77?unit=mi

And I decided to run the first five miles of it at HM pace, which as it was nearly all up hill proved a little beyond me on this occasion but i enjoyed the challenge any way. Getting to the five mile point 3 minutes behind schedule and then enjoying a nice relaxed jog back come to complete the whole thing in around 1hr09mins.

In other news i bought some new trainers and Ive opted for the winner or runners world ‘Best New comer support shoe 2013’ the KALENJI Kiprun MD. its a shoe designed for racing over the HM distance and with the Inskip Half marathon coming up next week, i thought it was an idea shoe to try out. I can wear it in a bit and if i like it, make it my designated racing shoe for the time being, then go and find another pair for training in. And with the Kalenji range having a runner of shoes designed for training on hard surfaces, i might end up stick with this new brand. The Kipruns feel a lot like Asics shoes light-weight with cushioning.

In other news, if your running the Manchester marathon you might be interested in this article here. I am not running, but am quite tempted to go along.

Run Geordie Run has managed to run across Australia which is pretty epic and i hope he brings out a book about his adventures. You can read about it here.

Runners World have published this 26 point guide to running your best ever marathon in 2014 and you can view that here

And finally CNN of all people have published a guide to running at all levels here – It seems a lot of media outlets are getting into this running malarkey now!






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