Challenge 2014

ImageWell its decided, my challenge of 2014, will be ‘The Wales Marathon’, which looking at the course profile, is set to be the toughest marathon Ive faced yet

The Wales Marathon profile-marathonBut its part of the dream, so i guess i have to run it at some point and if i run this one, then it will set me up perfectly to complete my conquest of the British Isle with the Belfast Marathon being a February event, id be able to take a break from marathon training in between. It will also be my first summer marathon having done two spring marathons and two Autumn marathons, so a new experience there.

I have 178 days until the big day and for training i will be sticking with the Advanced Marathoning book (Which i really should review sometime!!) and stepping up to the 55-70 miles per week training plan. Which i think is the right thing to do given those hills, also i am going to have to make sure all my training runs for this one are hilly!! Tough times ahead indeedio.  Currently, im thinking i wont PB, but if i do, it wont be by much, there certainly wont be any 8-9% improvements thats for sure………

Keeping me motivated in the mean are Jantastic and the Runners World 1000 Mile Challenge which offer prizes for simply doing what your doing any way, running and recording your running……so i figured why not. Plus on those rain soaked days when you might be tempted to go, noooo i’ll run another time, now your thinking hmmm must keep up my targets, time to get wet!!  – I have already experienced this once, so it is working and is well worth signing up.

In the immediate future, lies the challenge of the Inskip half Marathon , I have never run this race before so i am looking forward to it and if this map is correct, then it looks like it could be  a fast race :

And you do get a hot pot, at the end of the race, so that will be both nice and different.

In other news, i cam across this running website, which looks ok :

Kenenisa Bekele is stepping up the marathon and will be racing in Paris, god i cant wait to see him V Mo over 26.2 miles!!

And runners world have pushed a great artcile for beginner runners, for taking on their first 10k, which you can read here


P.s if you missed the post explaining my new header graphic, its here



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