Jantastic Stage One Done

ImageWill we be seeing her over take on the 26.2 mile challenge again : Paula Radcliffe wants one final marathon

The great Paula Radcliffe has announced she is targeting one more marathon, possibly in 2015 & in London. That would be amazing too see and gives any one thinking about running London 2015 added bit of motivation, to run in Paula’s last marathon…..now that would be special. I am so tempted to sign up. That said this years mens marathon is going to be very special too, check this line up :

Mens Elite Runners : London 2014

Sooo Jantastic, well stage one is done and despite the weather i somehow managed to keep a 100% record through the first stage running 5 times a week, each week, for 4 weeks. This includes one18 miler in constant rain, hail and freezing cold gale strength winds. That was hell! and ranks up there with my experience at the Preston Guild Marathon. This final week was the toughest period of the last 4 weeks, as my self produced training plan (See here) had me running six times, a step up for me, having only moved up to running five times a week last year for the Dublin Marathon. Tuesday saw me run 11 miles followed by 9 on the Wednesday which was followed up by a 5 on the Thursday.

So along came Friday and i was due to run 9 miles again, however feeling pretty sore and wanting to head on down to the Preston ParkRun on the Saturday. I switched it with Saturdays 5 miler much to my bodies pleasure.

Waking up on Saturday morning, i really didn’t want to be running 9 miles let alone taking part in ParkRun. However, there was i was sore, tried and sluggishly setting off on my 2.5 mile run down to Preston ParkRun. What happened next surprised me, being a particularly cold morning i decided to start the ParkRun at a fast pace, so that i could warm up quicker. Finding myself in the chasing pack with just a few runners up ahead in the lead, i decided to maintain what i was doing but to ignore any one that went by me. Then my shoe lace came undone so i had to stop and re-tie that, re-starting running was tough, but i decided to get myself back into the position i was in. By the end of the second lap, my shoe lace was undone once again……i was wearing gloves and getting a decent knot in them without taking my gloves off, was beyond me. So i decided to ignore it and ran the whole of the last lap with my shoe lace flying about, again i kept my position but without over pushing myself, i crossed the line in 19:54!!! my second ever sub 20 5k finish time…….i am not sure how i did that, other than to suggest that my training over the past few months must be such that i can now finish sub20 without putting myself at 100% which is a bit of confidence boost and a nice surprise.

On the Sunday something similar happened, again I felt tired and with the added aches of having run a sub20 5k in amongst a 9 mile run, the previous day. I set off feeling sluggish on a 15 mile run and decided not to aim for my usual 8.20 pace and just take it how i felt #kenyanstyle. However i reached the half way point in one hour three and then returned home in 02:03:02 giving me an average pace of 08:20 which is even more surprising when you consider this is what i was taking on :

ImageAnd that was Jantasitc stage one, if your not in it, i recommend it for next year : http://www.jantastic.me/

I am also in the Runners World 1000 mile challenge which is also another great motivation resource with prizes to be one. So far im to 190 miles, just 810 to go…..Still time to enter this if your not. Its worth it and you get some interesting stats out of it.

In other news, the great sub 2 hour marathon question continues to gain media space, with this latest piece by the Guardian newspaper putting it in prospective what the runner who finally does it, needs to achieve and boy would it be tough……

Will anyone ever run a sub-two-hour marathon?

If your thinking about entering the Liverpool half marathon, get signed up quick as you can get your name on your number, Which i think is a very nice touch and having run in this event, in 2013 i can say its a nice one to do, the course is a bit of of a hassle…..anchors and such laying around, but a  big crowd come out to see you and Liverpool is a great city to visit.  http://www.btrliverpool.com/

Runners World published this interesting article about staying injury free during your marathon training :

Marathon Training – Boom and Bust

If you’ve an interest in physical activity facts, figures and advice in the Lancashire area, see this : Physical Activity

And finally wouldn’t it be special to get to join this club : [Here]









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