The Wales Marathon 2014 – The journey begins

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So this week marks the start of my journey to the Wales Marathon 2014, with 123 days until I line up in Wales for what, going off the course profile, will be my toughest marathon yet. It will also be my first ever summer time marathon, so it could get pretty warm out there.

The Wales Marathon profile-marathonFor this challenge, i will taking on the 55 – 70 miles training plan from the Advanced Marathoning book. This plan features four training mesocycle’s made up of 1st – six weeks, 2nd – five weeks, 3rd – four weeks and then finally a 3 week taper period.

Post race there is a recovery mesocycle of 5 weeks. Which was something brand new to me, when i used the 55 miles per week training plan, from this book for the Dublin marathon in 2013. And it seemed to work, it forced me to stay away from racing for a months and when i did come back i got y first every sub20 5k at the Preston ParkRun, so the proof is in the pudding as they say.

Its going to be a tough step up, but i eventually got used to training 5 times a week last year, so hopefully i will be able to conquer running six times a week as well. No doubt there will be tough times ahead, but when i cross that finish line in Wales, it will prove to have been well worth it all the effort and sacrifice i’m sure.

First up this week 1 :

Tuesday : 9 miles with 4 miles at HM pace

Wednesday : 11 mile medium long run

Thursday : 5 mile recovery

Friday : 9 mile general aerobic

Saturday : 5 mile recovery

Sunday : 15 mile medium long run

Total : 6 runs – 54 miles

Life being life, well actually its my fault this one. I have entered a twenty mile race, which takes place this Sunday, meaning already one week on, I’m shifting things around. However, thanks to my custom training, plan which features the first two weeks of the 55 – 70 plan i should be ok. What i will do, is drop Saturdays 5 mile recovery run, meaning i complete my mileage target and get a rest the day before the race.

In other news, ive have been doing book reviews for a website called ‘Running Stores‘ the first of which you will find here :

Running with Kenyans – Book Review




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