Wales Marathon 2014 – Training Week 3


Jantastic_2014_logoWell Jantastic and week three are complete, in regards to Jantastic i founded it an added extra motivator and i recommend that everyone should give it a go next year. If you’ve not got a race to train for, little things like Jantastic will give you that added pressure to get out there and pound those streets.

Until the next Jantastic, there is always the Runners World, RunHub, to keep you going if you’ve no big events planned. Your find it here

So week three :

Tuesday– March 25th

11 miles [See Route]

It was a miserable day for running, with constant rain and to make matters worse, i got stopped at the same railway crossing twice and standing still in the rain, in running gear, waiting for a train to pass by, is not something i would recommend as a past time.

Additionally, i hadn’t eaten before i set off and discovered that for me, 11 miles is too far to run on an empty stomach having felt hungry before i set off, i gradually ran out of steam and slowed to a plod, competing the run in 1:33:31.

I really need to invest in some water proof running gloves, but on the plus my seal skinz socks held out, these were a great investment.

Wednesday – March 26th

5 miles [See Route]

As i got ready for this run, i instantly regretted not having put my trainers on the radiator overnight, as i found out that putting on wet trainers is more unpleasant than your trainers becoming wet as your out running…..

I got out on this recovery run before work, taking it casually in 41:54

Thursday – March 27th

13 Miles [See Route]

Who turned the tap on!!!…….a classic, cheesy and terribly movie joke and running in 13 miles of rain and cold winds proved just as humorous! It was so bad, that for a while I could barely move my hands as they tensed up with a driving pain in my fingers.

Character building, I believe they call it, horrendous is what I call it! And i started to wish id invested in two pairs of seal skinz water proof socks!! Annoyingly as i moved into the final three miles of the run, the rains eased off and other runners started to appear…..i wish i had waited!! At this point, drenched and in pain, i decided just to get home as quick as i could and moved up to a much faster pace returning home in 1:49:09

Friday – March 28th

5 Miles [See Route]

And it was another pre-work run, this time the reason why i was putting myself through an early morning mid-week run, was so i could attend an after works drinking session due to a number of people leaving work.

The run was done at a plod from start to finish, as my body suffered from last night’s 13 miler. On the plus, it wasn’t raining and I had remembered to put my trainers on the radiator the night before, dry trainers!!

Time : 44:30

Saturday – March 29th

Despite the after work drinks, ok I only had a few pints………….I was up on time and after a quick breakfast and 15 minutes of The Saint Strikes Back…………a very strange film which i am not sure would of made much more sense, had i been fully awake and paying attention to it, I was out the door and on time for a change!!

Today, i was making my way to the cuerden valley parkrun for what would be only my second attempt at this trail version of ParkRun. The last time I tried to go to this event, I arrived in time to see a mass of runners heading off into the distance, arriving two minutes too late!! Blast!!

This time no such disaster, with all traffic lights turning in my favor and after passing a crashed car, whose occupants smelled as if they’d had a big night out (The police were dealing with it, i hadn’t simply left a load of people in a crashed car…….just in case you wondered), I made it to the start line with a ten minutes to spare. It would seem that this event has become far more organised than when I last participated and on this day it was being used by local running club the Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club as part of their grand prix, giving me some added motivation and some targets to chase down.

With being early I as able to hear the pre-run talk, where I found out it was a two lap course, something I’d forgotten about and something I could use to work out how well I was doing being that there are no mile markers and i dont own a GPS watch. Knowing the valley to be a series of climbs and descents, my plan was to fling myself down all descents and not to over work myself on the climbs. With this tactic you can both catch runners ahead of you and pull away from any around you, also Ive heard that there is no point pushing yourself up a hill, unless your going to push on, once you get to the top.

The result, I got myself a course PB which admittedly I was confident of before hand but as a bonus it turned out I’d finished in 7th place…..however I think that might of been because there where a number of races this weekend, so perhaps the faster runners were taking a day off ParkRun.

ParkRun time 21:33

9 mile run time 1:13:28

Sunday – March 30th

15 miles

What a great day for running!! the sun was out and there was nice cool breeze about…..that said with the clock change it was certainly much harder to get up this morning. But once I was out, besides a little stiffness from yesterdays ParkRun, I had a great run out with no strange guys inviting themselves along to Wales with me or coming across any road races and with it being mothers day, it was very quiet out with just the odd runner and cyclist about, which made for a relaxing run completed in 2:00:09

Week three down!!

Stats to date :

Runs completed 17 / 18

Miles run 167 / 167

progress at week 3Below shows, what week four was install for me and for the first time ever i will be running (well planning on running) 62 miles in a one week period. New territory!! Scary Darey!!

Tuesday : 9 miles with 10 * 100 m strides

Wednesday : 14 mile medium long run

Thursday : 5 mile recovery

Friday : 11 miles medium long run

Saturday : 5 mile recovery

Sunday : 18 mile long run

In other news :

Mo Farah & Galen Rupp’s Stability Routine

5 Core Workouts for Stronger Running

Daley Thompson talks athletics

Still time to enter the Berlin marathon







2 thoughts on “Wales Marathon 2014 – Training Week 3

  1. Another good week! Thanks for the link to the stability exercises – they were really interesting and very different to the ones I normally do. Going to give them a whirl 🙂

    • No worries, i like to share things i come across , there is so much to learn!

      Hope your running is going well. And thanks yes, so far so good and it was nice to give a different ParkRun a try. Bit shocked to see im already 15% along the way to Wales!!

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