Wales Marathon 2014 – TW5 – 63 miles!

Athletics - Virgin Money London Marathon 2014Well Mo was disappointed with his London performance but considering he recorded the 4th fastest British male marathon time in history and came 8th in what was probably the most competitive London marathon field ever assembled, he shouldn’t be too down trodden. I have to say a lot of the commentary and media write ups about it have all been over the top, with many pundits saying Mo should stick to the track and one pundit even writing about Mo being far off the pace at the half way point, being 45 seconds behind the leader…….I dont know about you, but a 45 second gap, over the 13.1 miles is closeable …..something told me the author of that article isn’t a runner. This was confirmed when he went on about how marathon running slows you down and entering London could affect Mo’s track times……again if the author researched things a little better he would of found out, that marathon training involves speed work, so that you don’t loose pace……..something i am pretty sure an elite runner like Mo would know all about.

The next major marathon is over in Boston next week, and after what happened last year, lets hope for a truly special race day and good luck to anyone running it.

So training week (tw) five is done and dusted, 63 miles conquered another new record for me and i actually didn’t struggle as much as last week…….perhaps my body is finally starting to adapt to this new training programme.

Tuesday – 9 Miles with 5 @ HM pace

The week began with a mixed pace run, Ive not done one these for a bit and it was telling as i kept slipping back into normal training pace when i was supposed to be going at my half marathon pace!! The result, a very fast finish, as i attempted to cover the final five miles in around 33 minutes. Which i did, but only just.

Other than that, it was just one those runs were nothing very much happens, the weather was good a little breezy at times but manageable.

Time : 01:10:10

Wednesday 14 mile medium long run

What a palava!!!!!

I left work half an hour early, my new trainers had arrived and where waiting for me at the post office and it was quite a walk to go and get them. On arriving at the post office i discovered, i had been sent two pairs of trainers. It turns out its not so easy to walk along with a rucksack and a box of trainers under each arm.

Making it home, i discovered i had forgotten my house keys!!! This day is not going well…..

After a few minutes deliberation, i decided the best thing to do……………..yes i did do this………..was to remove the running gear which was out drying on the line, get changed into said running gear……in the garage.…….put on new trainers and run to work, retrieve keys and then go on to complete my 14 mile route, which luckily did pass my place of work, so i was able to fit it in………However, i had just thirty minutes to make it back to work before the building closed, so it was a race pace dash down to work to obtain my keys and receive some very strange looks from the security and cleaning staff.

During my run, i found out the advice to wear in new trainers on smaller runs, is sound advice…….returning home with very sore feet in 2:01:08

Thursday 5 mile

Despite having sore thighs after the previous days chaos i got out and completed this recovery run in 41:38, although it was very tempting to skip it. I am on a good run, training wise, having missed only a couple of runs all year, thanks to the Jantastic programme i took part in and that thought pushed me out of the door and onto the streets.

Friday 12 miles

Still feeling sore after Wednesday disaster, i completed this run 7 minutes slower than i planned in 1:37:13.

I am hoping that as i got out on this run, during the afternoon, it will give me additional time to recover, in time for Saturdays run. Which for a change will be my long run, as i want to watch the London marathon on Sunday.

Saturday 18 miles

So for a change, i was out on a long run, on a Saturday. All so i could sit back and enjoy the London marathon live on Sunday…..i hope its a good race!!

Waking up in the morning my thighs felt a lot better than on previous days but my hamstrings were feeling quite tight, so five minutes on the roller were called for, then it was out of the door.

Running 18 miles on a Saturday was quite a different experience there are a lot more people and cars about the place and as i ran by the Preston ParkRun it was so very tempting to head over and join in with them…….but i figured i wouldnt be able to correctly guess an 18 mile run if i did that, so i stuck with my plan. Also, i doubt i would of been able to cover an 18 mile run after running in a 5k event.

I actually, found this run easier than my previous few long runs and i think that was because i had not been off running a ParkRun event the day before, with no sub20 5K in my legs i felt a lot fresher and managed to take 10 minutes off my previous weeks 18 mile time, running exactly the same route competing it in 2:25:41

Sunday 5 Miles

Going against all sensible advice, i was out running the day after a long run, all in the aid of meeting my weekly target. I probably could of missed it, i certainly didn’t feel like running but because i wanted to complete my weeks target, i was out the door. And as I wanted to watch the marathon i couldn’t plod round too slowly but feeling tired, it took me 43:37 to compete the run, giving me just 15 minutes to get showed and sat in front of the TV in time for the big race.


So week six is up next and its the last week of mesocycle 1 , which looks like this :

Tuesday – 8 Miles with 10 * 100 strides

Wednesday – 12 Mile medium long run

Thursday – 5 Mile recovery

Friday – 10 Miles

Saturday – 5 Mile recovery

Sunday – 15 Miles

However, i already need to move things around as on Saturday i will be running in the Valiants half marathon, a brand new race which boasts a flat course……So i need to change things around. My 15 mile long run, becomes a 13 mile race, moved to Saturday. I will then switch Fridays 10 mile run, to Sunday and add the missing two miles to it and Saturdays 5 miles to Friday. This gives me two recovery runs in a row before Saturdays race, so i should be in good shape for that. Its just running a 12 miler on Sunday, the day after a race which might be the tricky part….

I need to decide if i am going to race in my new or old trainers…….i guess i will see how they feel Thursday / Friday. Tactics wise, i will use my usual plan of producing a pace band based on my HM PB. Which currently stands at 1:27:26 and then when i reach the 10 miles point, I will go all out and use up what energy i have left.

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