Wales Marathon 2014 – TW7 – The Case of the Splint Shin

chariotsSo the first week of mesocycle 2 ends and it didn’t end well. After the high of last weeks half marathon PB i was brought down to earth with a bump this week and here is how……………

Tuesday 10 miles with 5 @hm pace

It turned out I wasn’t ready for my new pace targets reaching the 5 mile point 1 minute behind schedule and return home around four minutes behind schedule. Which was my fault for not pushing hard enough, although this run did feature some tough hills and I got drenched plus around four or five eyes decided to pay a visit to my eyes……… but excuses aside I probably could of come closer to my target time.

Time 1:13:41


Wednesday 5 mile recovery run

Feeling exhausted from having been up gone midnight, I switched my planned 14 miler for Thursday’s recovery run, the fact that it was raining helped make the decision that much easier and running a brand new five mile route I was able to get round without too much work hard, it is the aim of the recovery run after all, I completed the run in 39:25.

Incidentally I was able to help a couple of lost ladies looking for Bamber Bridge football club, which at the time was just over the roundabout from where they pulled over and stopped me. Perhaps it was fate that I switched my run, perhaps they missed the road sign……either way it always good to be able to help a stranger.


Thursday 14 miles

Having surprised myself by actually getting to bed at 11pm rather than my usual midnight bed time, I was feeling much better ahead of this run. Although, I was feeling the signs of the dreaded shin splints in my right leg. This is an injury caused by either worn out trainers or over training and having recently purchased new trainers my issue may down to perhaps the decision to run 15 miles the day after a half marathon race……I applied some ibuleve muscle gel to the spot before my run and when ever I saw a grass verge I used it to give myself a little break from pounding the pavement and this all seemed to help.

The run itself went fairly well, although i ran out of steam towards the finish, returning home in 01:48:17. I must sort out my fueling strategy… banana before a long midweek run doesn’t seem to be doing the trick #ShockHorror

On plus it had poured down on my journey home from work but by the time I was out running it had all cleared up. The downside, however, was that I had walked to work and not taken an umbrella as it had been a really sunny day. So I got drenched getting home but at least it cleared up for my run…….in many ways it felt like being in Asia. Sunny one minute pouring down the next then back to warm dry conditions….madness!!


Friday 10 miles

Ouch! The shin splint returned with a vengeance!!!! And this time I had headed out without any pain relief. Big mistake, as I hobbled around the first mile at a very slow pace indeed and to make matters worse  the pain was occupying my mind to such a degree that it resulted in me missing a turning and not realising until it was to late. So I aimed to carry on to my original turn around point not knowing how far I would have run to get their or how much of an impact the shin splint was having on my time. But at least i could remember the route back from that point and that it was five miles.

I decided during this period that I would not pay to much attention to my time and I would not run tomorrow to give myself the best possible chance to run pain free during Sunday’s 21 miler. Plus, i was in so much pain, i couldn’t get up to any pace faster than plod any way! So no point turning up at ParkRun just to get annoyed.

Getting home, my time was 1:33:27 what a difference from the feeling of joy after last weekends p.b. I had certainly been brought back down to earth, and after measuring my route to be just over 10 miles, it was a mighty crash landing!!



My planned 7 miles with 10 * 100 metre strides, which were to be replaced with a trip to ParkRun, were instead replaced with a day at home. Although i did a bit of gardening and got a hair cut it wasn’t quite the same as running.

Incidentally on my walk to the hair cutters, my shin splint was really playing up. Thoughts now turned to perhaps even missing Sundays run………sad times indeed.


I got up early, i wanted to run, i had a 21 mile run planned……….but although the pain had subsided a lot, i was still feeling the odd twinge in the shin. The day was instead spent painting and sat on the sofa watching chariots of fire… did those guys have terrible running postures or what!!!. A very frustrating end to the week.

So that was training week 7, a big of a bump in the road if you will. Still i got through the first part of the training programme only dropping two miles, i may of already dropped 28 miles in this second section of training but at least there is some way to go until the big day.

Training week 8

Well this is the plan………….should i recover that is. I have walked the two miles into work today (Monday April 28th) and it felt a lot better. However, im not 100% and i am thinking perhaps wait until all the pain is gone before putting my trainers on and hitting the streets once more. There are a lot of stories online of runners missing months of training due to shin splints, although on average it only takes 1-2 weeks to recover from them. And when i have had them in the past, this has been the case.

Any way, week 8, may look something like this :

Tuesday – 6 mile AM – 4 miles – PM (My first taste of doubles…….well it probably wont be)

Wednesday – 14 mile medium long run

Thursday – 5 mile recovery run

Friday – 11 mile with 6 miles @ HM pace

Saturday – 6 mile recovery run

Sunday – 20 mile long run

Fingers crossed i get to make a come back at some point this week, there is still time and if i miss a few runs its not a disaster. If had a shin splint in the final few days of training, i would be worried. The important thing now is just to recover and get back on with training

In other news :

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