Wales Marathon 2014 – TW8 – A lost week

Roger Bannister breaking the world mile record and the four-minute barrier in OxfordSixty years ago today (May 6th 1954) Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile record, something people thought was unachievable despite several near misses. A similar situation to the sub 2 hour marathon debate of the 21st century.

And from one glorious moment to another, this morning i returned to running. Four miles, pre-work, done at a very slow pace (31:45) but done pain free!! Which gives away, that the worse occurred with my shin splint and i missed a full week of training. That said, my leg was feeling a lot better on Friday but having read numerous internet horror stories of runners suffering with shin splints for months i figured id be cautious and take an extra few days off running.

And going off the book ‘Advanced Marathoning’ i should be ok, as long as i complete 75% of my training programme. To date, i have completed 83% of my target runs and covered 82% my planned milage.So, so far i am on course for that.

Overall I have now completed 30% of the miles total and 32% of runs scheduled for the 55 – 70 miles per week training programme.

progress at week 7Also in the Advanced Marathoning book, is says that i should be ok to return back to training, providing this helpful table :

making up for lost timeSo, thats what i am going to do, although next week i am down for a recovery week, so i might replace it with the week i missed and catch up on my last miles……

So what does week 8 have in store for me :

Tuesday – Doing doubles – 6 miles (a.m) , 4 miles (p.m) – I ran the 4 miles this morning, i was up to late to do 6 miles, but one down one to go…..its all good.

Wednesday – 14 mile medium long run

Thursday – 5 mile recovery run

Friday – Lactate threshold 11 mile with 6 @ HM pace

Saturday –  6 mile recovery (Its Preston ParkRun 2nd birthday, come on down there will be cake)

Sunday – 20 mile long run

Here’s hoping the shin splint is well and truely gone…..touch wood!!

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2 thoughts on “Wales Marathon 2014 – TW8 – A lost week

  1. I’m glad your shin splints are feeling better! And I didn’t realize that today was 60 years since the 4 min mile barrier was crossed. Cool!

    • Thanks

      A special day in the world of running and a very interesting story. A student, who didn’t train everyday setting a world record. Amazing stuff.

      Fingers crossed on the leg hopefully there is no reoccurance.

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