The Wales Marathon 2014 – TW9 – The week that almost was

almostSo training week 9, was very much an almost week. The week i almost came back from injury. Having taken a 11 day break from running, i had been walking around pain free for a couple of days. So i returned to my running schedule on the Tuesday and the plan was for my first ever taste of doing doubles. This means a morning run and then an evening run on the same day.

And it went like this………….



I was suppose to run 6 miles in the morning, but i got up late… surprise there… i went out on the 4 mile run instead. And much to my pleasure, although only plodding around, i completed the run pain free. Was i back!!?

Run time : 31:45


I had to drop my car off at the garage for an MOT, so i decided to map out a running route back from the garage, my first ever ‘back’ route…….this run wasn’t entirely pain free there were a couple of twitches but nothing serious and i completed it a quicker pace than my morning run.

So one day, two runs a good start back with hopefully no re-occurrence of my injury.

Run time : 48:32


I working up and moving about, i could feel my shin giving me some issues. I guess it is to be expected having only just returned to running. My thoughts, perhaps take a rest day and run again tomorrow. I do not want to miss another 11 days!!


I never did get out running again, opting instead to wait until i was once more walking around pain free. Today is Monday May 12th and i am once again walking about pain free and over the weekend a bruise has appeared on my right shin……this made me concerned enough to try the hop test, to check that i haven’t got a stress fracture, which proved i didn’t…..good news. I remembered back to a time when i had a knee injury which lasted quite sometime. One day, a bruise appeared on the knee in questions, from that day onward things got better. Could it be, that i didn’t have a shin splint, that i had some sort of other calf muscle injury and that this bruise is an indication of a recovery from said injury………..hmmm who knows, but tomorrow i will be making another attempt at an recovery one week after my last attempt.

Should things be ok, this is what my week ahead looks like :

Tuesday : Doing doubles AM 6 miles , PM 4 miles

Wednesday : 15 mile medium long run

Thursday : 6 mile recovery run

Friday : 13 mile medium long run

Saturday : 7 miles with 6 * 100 m strides

Sunday : 15 miles with 12 @ marathon pace

My week probably wont look like the above, but if i get more than 2 runs in, i will be very happy. It is very frustrating not to be able to run, particularly during he summer months and when running is such a big part of my life.

In regards to my experience of doing doubles I have to say it wasn’t as bad as i thought. I didn’t push myself at all on the first run run which meant when it came to my evening run, i was perfectly ok to tackle it and although the next day i did feel a little sore i think doing doubles is something anyone would be capable of. I can now see why it is the chosen method of achieving high mileage over a week.

In other news

The makers of five finger trainings have been forced to remove all claims of health benefits relating to their trainers. Which isn’t too much of a surprise as even the writer of the book born to run, which made barefoot running famous, states that its how your foot lands, not the the fact that your bare foot that makes the difference. It wast even his intention to advocate barefoot running [here].

Vibram FiveFingers settles lawsuit

5 tips for new runners

The Big 7 Body Breakdowns

Marathon nutrition: Avoiding the wall

Ron Shows The Way – The legend that is Ron Hill gets a street named after him





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