Wales Marathon 2014 – TW10 – Getting there

steven wayThis weeks cover picture is dedicated to Steve Way, who in six years has gone from obese heavy smoker to elite runner and will be lining up for team England at the common wealth games later this year. Your find his bog [here] , it’s a remarkable story particularly when you thrown in, he only started running at the age of 32!

Weeks 10 is complete and things are looking up!


I had decided to run only one of the two runs scheduled for today as I didn’t want to repeat last weeks failed come back. However, I still got out before work and look on a relatively flat course. I figured at least if I go down injured I’ve done six miles and it a be the furthest I’ve ever run pre-work, so a new experience.

So it was up at six, dynamic warm up, banana, glass of water and bandage on the sore area and out the door. I have to say it was great to be back out running and I picked a fine day as the sun was out. For the entire run I kept nervously wondering if the injury would pop up. Now post run I’m nervously waiting to see if it returns. Hopefully, by not running again till tomorrow evening I can hold off a re-occurrence of the injury…….time will tell.

Run time : 46:31


I decided after much thought that I would follow my training plan and after 24 hours had passed since my last run with no no re-occurrence of my injury i headed out on the planned 14 miler. I picked quite a hilly route, as with the marathon drawing nearer it is time to start tackling more and more hills.

The first few miles went ok although I did feel a little tightness in my right shin this subsided and I was soon running with ease. I had decided before hand that this week there would be no pace plan and I would run Kenyan speeding up and slowing down as I felt like it. By mile eight I was again feeling some tightness in my right shin and by mile ten most of my leg muscles were feeling the affect of hardly having run at all in a last two weeks and by the final mile I was down to a slow plod!!

But I made it round without pain and now I once more wait to see if my leg recovers from this outing, if it does it a be the first time in over two weeks I’ve managed back to back runs. Fingers crossed!!!

Run time 1:54:26


As well as slowly grinding down to a plod during yesterday’s 14 miler there was further disappointment when I realised I was supposed to have run 15 miles!!! So today’s 6 miler became a 7 miler. Which went really well……..until that is, around the 4.5 mile point when the pain returned! Annoying!!

I tightened up the support bandage I was wearing and that seemed to help little. Also I had the good fortune to be at a point were there was a stretch of around 1 mile of dirt/grass verge which I could run along adding me as I hobbled along. Passing the biggest group of runners I have ever seen outside of a race or run event, all of which were female. I had no choice but to do as all men would of done and ran as if everything was A okay!!

I eventually made it home in 59.37

So now it’s back to the waiting game to see how my leg holds up after a third run in three days. Fingers crossed   it settles back down.

As old Bob would of said “don’t worry, everything is going to be alright”


Having suffered a bout of pain during yesterday’s run I decided it would be best if I took a rest day and that’s just what I did.


With it being the last day of the continental beer festival , I moved my long from Sunday to Saturday, also I added a few extra miles to take the distance up to 18 miles. I figured i might as well with all the miles I’ve missed of late.

Setting off an hour earlier than usual I found my self running in the warmest conditions I’ve faced so far this year. A perfect day to try out my new running sun glasses i bought from sweatshop, price £12. The last time I ran with some sun glasses on was during the Edinburgh marathon when I was given free pair at the pre-race expo. Unfortunately I had made the foolish decision to tuck these into my shorts rather than wear them, only for them to fall off within the first mile resulting in a loud crunching sound coming from behind me……Doh!!!

This time no such disaster mainly as I look wearing the damn things this time. For the first four to five miles of the run I was in some discomfort but not in any pain and eventually this subsided. After that it was just a matter of dealing with the heat, which I really felt as I ran around Preston docks with little shade my energy was being sapped from me. I was so glad that I had gotten out an hour earlier than normal! My water slowly ran out and I started to fantasize about all the drinks I could have when I got home milkshakes, cola, juice and even beer!! Eventually, when I did return home it was an ice code frappe……one of the many reasons why man invented the blender!

Now to enjoy the day, hope my leg holds out and hit the beer festival!

Run time : 2:45:56


After the previous days 18 miler and a few hours spent at a beer festival. I decided it would be a smart move to take another rest day. I have manged four runs this week, twice as many as the previous week so things are going in the right direction.

Week 11

So the week ahead looks as follows :

Tuesday : 9 mile Aerobic

Wednesday : 9 miles with 6 * 800 m @ 5k pace

Thursday : 6 mile recovery

Friday : 11 mile medium run

Saturday : 8 mikes with 10 * 100 m strides

Sunday : 15 miles long run

My target for this week, will be to complete a full week of training, its been too long since i did that and i am now just 8 weeks away from the big day. Meaning any long periods out now, will affect my marathon day performance…..To increase my chances of avoiding injury i have decided that there will be no more ParkRun racing until after the marathon. I also need to get into the routine of doing a couple of core work out sessions each week.

In regards to the injury, i am still not 100% but i got through Saturdays 18 miler without any negative outcomes…..well so far!!

In other news :

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