Wales Marathon 2014 – WK11 Turning a corner


This weeks image header is of Preston runner Helen Clitheroe, who i bumped into (not literally, thankfully) whilst on my Sunday long run. Helen has recently come second in the British road mile championships and 6th in the Manchester 10k. And your find her personal website [here]

So this week I attempted to compete a full week of training for the first time in something like five weeks!! Scary!

Tuesday 9 miles

Continuing with my plan of not setting pace targets until I’m 100% fit, the first few miles of this run went almost the same as last Sundays run, with my right leg feeling tight around the shin area. Although after a few miles that easy eased off and I was again running with freedom despite the taking on a route which featured 3 miles of uphill running. On the return leg of this run the pain returned and it began to rain heavily, which helped me decide to delay my return to speed work until later on this week with tomorrow’s planned 9 with 10*800 changed to a plain old fashioned 9 miler, in fact I’ll probably run today’s route in reverse and see what’s that like.


Time : 1:15:20

Wednesday 9 miles

Sticking to my plan to run the previous days 9 miler in reverse, i found this run slightly harder than the previous days which wasn’t helped by my right shin remaining tight for around 35-40 mins. So i limped my way around in 1:16:41


2/2 runs!

Thursday 6 miles

Today was the day I reminded myself, that I attempted to run one week twice during my current injury situation and I also ran a pretty tough up down six miler, I’m very much in prepare for the race mode.

The pain/discomfort in my leg cleared up after  just10 minutes, so fingers crossed that’s a good sign. Also I didn’t feel the need for pain killers during the day. Which is also good, what with their link to high blood pressure.

It was a good job I remembered about my attempt to re-run one of my lost weeks, as it otherwise I was due to miss the three week taper period. . Although part of me wonders if perhaps given everything a two we taper might not be such a bad thing……..hmmm it’s a tricky one, which I guess I’ll address nearer the time.

3/3 runs!!

Friday 11 miles

How can it be that you get in from a wet and windy run to look out the window ten minutes after returning home, to see blue sky’s and sunshine!! Hey ho!! The run went ok, again there was stiffness and pain but again it was manageable and i was able to get round in 1:33:49 so I was fairly pleased about that. So pleased, that I have decided that I will attempt a sprint session  tomorrow. I will also be marshaling at ParkRun tomorrow which will be nice.


Saturday 7 miles with 10*100 strides

Getting out the door at 8 am I covered the 2 miles to the stride zone in around 16 mins and much to my surprise i managed to cover all 10  strides without any pain and just in time to get to ParkRun. Although I did slowly run out of steam and by rep 7 my body had, had enough. But I completed the final three strides regardless and headed down to do my marshal duties which I actually quite enjoyed. And I even managed to convince another runner, who was passing by, to sign up to the event. Then it was off on a fairy hilly run home, total running time 57:56


Sunday 20 miles

I decided to change my planned 16 miler for a 20 mile run  and to make up for some of my lost miles and waking up feeling pretty stiff, from yesterday’s Sprint sessions, another sign of the level of fitness I’ve lost during this period of injury, I wasn’t looking forward

Learning from previous training mistakes, I mapped out a fairly straightforward route which was quite easy to remember and headed out the door. But not before a last minute decision to workout what would be my training pace target for this run. I found it to be 2:35 – 2:55 and I decided I’d give that a go.

Also before this run I gave my right shin area a session on the tens machine to see if that helped loosen it up before I headed out the door. And sure enough it actually worked! And my foot was moving freely from the off, although that didn’t mean I was running in comfort or didn’t suffer any pain. But it did mean I could get up to a good pace from the off for a change.

Passing the 10 mile point in 1:22 I knew I wouldn’t make the 2:35 lower end of my target run time. But on the plus I did get to run by pass athletics star Helen Clitheroe out on a run, so that was a nice bit of star spotting. The second half of this run much hillier and therefore much tougher and by the 14 mile point my attention was focused on completing the run in 2:55. But as the miles and hills went by the chance of making that target slowly slipped away and a new target of a sub 3 run popped up. Thankfully that target I met, completing the run in 2:57:57.

I am disappointed that I didn’t make the original target range but putting things in perspective this is was the first full week of training I’ve completed for 5 weeks. So I should be pleased that I managed 20 miles in one go and I saw an Olympian, so its not all bad.

Hey ho , perhaps a corner has been turned ! #fingers crossed #touchwood

Onto week 12 and mesocycle 3, apparently this mesocycle is all about race preparation and looking at the coming weeks there is a lot more speed work, race pace training and suggested days for entering a race.

6/6!! I did it, a full weeks training!! I feel a corner may of been turned #touchwood

So this is week 12 :

Tuesday : 9 miles with 5*600m strides @5k pace

Wednesday : 14 mile medium long run

Thursday : 6 miles with 6*100m strides

Friday : 5 mile recovery

Saturday : 9-13 mile tune up race (i wont be racing but i will get out on a run)

Sunday : 18 mile long run ( i think I’ll swap this for the 21 mile run i missed out on due to injury)

Looking at my stats so far, thanks to this period of injury, Ive only managed to complete 72% of my planned miles. So i am a bit off the minimum target of 75% for the run plan to be successful. And i guess this highlights why, like my previous marathon attempts, i should of started training early………blast! On the plus i have completed 77% of the planned number of runs to date, so i am above that threshold at least.

progress at week 11Hopefully, by throwing in the odd extra miles here and there i will catch up on my mileage target without going overboard.

On the plus Ive now run 916 miles in 2014, my second highest mileage for a single year and its only May!! – The 1000 mile point, is just around the corner! #Crazy!

miles by year 2In other news :

TENS Machines

Free Runners World training guide

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